Kudos to Deborah Seiler and the Registrar of Voters Office

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From the UT San Diego…

Release of ballot tally protested
Registrar is making available a running breakdown of party affiliation
Written by Ashly McGlone

A former city schools trustee filed a complaint with the San Diego County Registrar of Voters Friday over the release of mail-ballot return data.

The registrar — upon request — is releasing a daily tally of how many Democrats, Republicans and others have returned mail ballots. As of Tuesday, the tally was 62,466 Republicans, 56,520 Democrats and 27,517 other.

The article goes on to mention that SD Rostra is posting the information. Read the rest here.

Jim Sills, who is providing the updates (see the latest), said “Bravo to SD Registrar of Voters Deborah Seiler for standing tall for the public’s right to know what is happening, and doing so in real time as well.”

A lot of County officials would’ve run for the tall grass when Francis Zimmerman complained about the release of the information, exemplified by Rostra’s Vote-by-Mail stories.  Seiler stood her ground.

MIGHTY THOR would like to give Seiler a shout-out for being worthy of Notice in Valhalla.

Thanks to Seiler and the staff at the Registrar’s office for all they do!


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