If “anti-tax” groups supposedly want zero taxes, don’t tax increase groups want 100% taxes?

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters 3 Comments


In America, we have a double standard when it comes to tax issue groups. The press and the Left labels any group that opposes tax increases as “anti-tax.” Yet I’ve NEVER heard the left wing groups pushing higher taxes defined as “pro-tax.” Why is that?

Okay, okay — the Left controls the MSM and academia — we all get that. But “anti-tax” is a labeling double standard that too many conservative pundits routinely employ when describing the position of taxpayer advocate groups.

Moreover, an “anti-tax” group is periodically accused of being opposed to taxes, PERIOD. ALL taxes.

Of course, such a zero-tax group is a nonexistent straw man — outside of anarchist groups (is not an “anarchist group” in itself an oxymoron?). Logically speaking, should not that labeling standard mean any group favoring tax increases therefore favors 100 percent taxes?

I think it’s important to bring this labeling inconsistency up in the debates over taxes. I use this as a response to the “anti-tax” stereotype the progressives love to use to smear any opponent of higher taxes, or anyone who wants a lower tax burden.

There are three general views on taxes:

1.  Taxes are too high.

2.  Taxes are high enough.

3.  Taxes are too low.

My ragtag group San Diego Tax Fighters represents people in the first two categories (though most of us favor lower taxes). The third category has by far the biggest number of activist organizations, dwarfing any organized pro-taxpayer groups.

Perhaps as a society we should re-label tax issue groups as being either “pro-taxpayer” and “anti-taxpayer.” I think that’s a much more accurate differentiation (though still imperfect) than what we now have. Good luck getting the media to adopt this more objective standard.


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  1. Speaking of straw men, “The left controls the MSM”. Are you kidding me ? The MSM is owned by three companies (thanks to Reagan and Clinton). I doubt that the ownership groups are liberals. Just look at how the news is presented. How many times do I have to hear right wing liars explain how Bush left a stable Iraq and Obama screwed it up while everyone in the room knows that the pull-out date was negotiated by the Bush administration and that Obama was willing to leave troops but the Iraq government would not give them amnesty. The MSM is controlled by money…period.

    Remember when the U.S. admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a false flag operation to dupe the public into backing a stupid, useless war? Not a single paper or news show touched that story. I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Rider considers anything other than Fox to be “far left”. You know, the network that went to court (and won) to defend the right to knowingly lie on the air.

  2. Google “anti-tax group” and Americans for Tax Reform comes up number one. Why then, if you are against comprehensive immigration reform are you “anti-immigrant” in the media’s headlines?

    Yes…the mainstream media have a liberal bias.

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