Support State Senate Bill 417, requiring local law enforcement to work with the feds on “immigration holds”

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California Senate Bill 417 would require law enforcement officials to cooperate with federal immigration officials by detaining an individual on the basis of an immigration hold, with certain limitations, when that person has been convicted of a serious or violent felony.

It makes sense.

We will hear that it will break up families. Maybe so, but have we forgotten about the families that were impacted by the act of the felon?

If I go to another country, I will do my best to follow the laws. If I break the laws, I expect their punishment, and if required, my deportation. I should have known better, and with this law, the felon should have known better. If they really want to live here, then they should be expected to follow the laws of the land and pay the consequences if they break them, which in this case means federal authorities being notified of the felon being held.

This bill makes sense. Protect the law abiding citizens by notifying federal authorities of a hold on a felon.


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  1. This bill is a great step in the right direction. I realize it’s far from achievable at this point but something that MIGHT get some of these government bureaucrats with their own political agenda to start following the law is to add criminal penalties in addition to the $100,000 civil penalty that the citizens/taxpayers foot the bill for anyway. There needs to be personal consequences for the scofflaws on the taxpayer payroll.

    I will join you in supporting this bill by contacting my state Senator to voice my support of it although I am fairly sure he’s already on board.

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