Hunter or Issa? Better choices for East County.

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Report: Darrell Issa mulling a run for Duncan Hunter’s seat

If this happens the joke is on East County.

Congressman Duncan Hunter has a safe seat and while being a leader on vape and art reform, has not used his safe position to lead in critical areas. Hunter regularly votes for farm subsidies, food stamps, and subsidies to Ex/Im Bank, and against States’ Rights, etc…

Darrell Issa is worse. I’m just silent about him because he’s not my Congressman.

If the San Diego County Republican Party wishes to demonstrate it is sincerely on the side of limited government and free markets, it would be better off with Senator Joel Anderson, Councilman and former Assemblyman Brian Jones or Mayor Bill Wells. All three are better choices.


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  1. Agreed Eric. I vote against Hunter every chance I get for those very reasons. Whichever Democrat military guy they roll out against him this time might be a better choice if he shakes the GOP out of its lazy statist lethargy.

  2. I told you so. Others in Rostra wrote that it would never happen because he had already refused… Last laugh. Next time listen to someone that had direct info.

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