How about a healthy serving of pork for Thanksgiving?

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In Poland it’s called “election sausage” In the Czech Republic, it’s known as “goulash.” It’s called “sweetener” in the UK. In the USA, we call it pork.

But everywhere including on San Diego Rostra it means government waste and it’s a turkey for taxpayers no matter how you slice it. We serve up plenty of pork around here. Now the San Diego County Taxpayers Association calls on Rostrafarians to submit your finest examples of pork as nominations for the 17th Annual Golden Watchdog and Golden Fleece Awards Dinner on May 16, 2012.  This annual event recognizes the very best and worst of local government efficiency, spending and decision-making each year. No poliwonk worth his or her credentials would dare miss it.

Your nominations are needed to make this event fly (not to be confused with making pigs fly). Self-nominations for all categories are accepted and encouraged. Nomination can be submitted online or by filling out a nomination form and sending it in via email at or fax at (619) 234-6423. The deadline is Tuesday, January 31, 2012.

Award categories include:

  • The coveted Golden Watchdog Award honoring good government practices and efficient use of public money.
  • The dreaded Golden Fleece Award calling out wasteful, inefficient or downright absurd uses of taxpayer dollars.
  • The Media Watchdog Award recognizing excellence in reporting on behalf of taxpayers.
  • The Public-Private Partnership Award for cooperation between the public and private sectors, stretching taxpayer dollars.

San Diego Rostra was a finalist last year in the Media Watchdog Award category.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 16, 2012, at SDCTA’s annual awards dinner at the Grand Exhibit Hall at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center in Mission Valley.

If you care to offer up your suggestions here, we will forward your ideas to SDCTA.


Full disclosure: SDCTA is client of my public relations consulting firm, Falcon Valley Group.


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