Here are the San Diego Press Club awards given to SD Rostra and Gayle Lynn Falkenthal

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Here is some of the Hardware handed out to San Diego Rostra, and to our own Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, by the prestigious San Diego Press Club recently.

SD Rostra got a 1st Place for best “Topic-Based Blog website”, while Gayle got the 1st place trophy for columns written for a Daily newspaper or website.

If YOU are a Rostra poster, then you helped grab that 1st Place finish, Pilgrim, and can consider yourself to be award-winning.

As Gayle explained, a Press Club in another city of similar size did the San Diego judging, to eliminate bias as much as possible. Ms. Falkenthal did the tedious paperwork for our entry, summarized examples of news-beats first published here, and then invited the judges to visit SD Rostra on the web and draw their own conclusions.

That is your award-winning synopsis for tonight. You can stand a little taller from now on, fellow Rostra-farians…. You are officially #1 !


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