Guns, Lies, and Gunning Liars

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A political “gun fight” of sorts rang out late last week when American Federation of Teachers, Local 1931 threw some funding behind a hit piece on San Diego Community College Trustee candidate, Scott Hasson.

North County Times wrote about the attack, which claimed Hasson had advocated open carry for college students. Zero source citing, zero quotes, and zero credibility, I say.

AFT local president Jim Mahler said that they had gotten the information based on Scott’s Facebook postings. What, no dates or time stamps? They could’ve at least mentioned how many likes and comments the postings in question earned.

Bernie Rhinerson, Hasson’s opponent, said he had no knowledge of the mailer because it wasn’t sent by his campaign. Plausibly true — but, what concerns this writer is that local teacher unions are the principal financial backers of Rhinerson’s campaign. I mean, come on… any political science student could tell you that they all talk.

The hit piece, again omitting its source citing, claims Hasson “lobbied” for legislation to reduce gun-free zones surrounding campuses. Maybe the union’s definition of lobbying is different from mine, but I wouldn’t consider a facebook post lobbying — that’s a bit of a stretch.

What is interesting, however, is all of the sudden attention on Hasson.

In the primary election, in a district-only race that favored Republican registration, Rhinerson came in first place with nary a mention of Scott. One would think in a district-wide, near city-wide campaign that favors Democrats, why the sudden interest in attack mailers against Hasson?

Have the unions conducted internal polling that shows Hasson near a possible victory? Or could it be that Rhinerson’s half-truths and lack of a governing plan are coming back to haunt him?

Let’s keep it in perspective. Rhinerson is paid roughly $154,000 per year as the chief administrator of San Diego Unified — a school district so financially strapped that it’s threatened to close our schools if it doesn’t receive more of your tax money, despite administrative and staff raises. It’s a district so financially strapped, that the key component of salvation is apparently Proposition Z, that, if passed, provides iPads for all.

If Rhinerson’s governing plan is such that he’ll already know how to vote because the unions tell him, it’s a cop out and a downright disservice to every taxpayer, parent, and student affected by the decisions made within the San Diego Community College District.

How will Rhinerson even have the time to study the items on the agenda, given his already burdened, cumbersome, full-time position as a top administrator within the district? Unless he plans to study on the job?

Let’s keep the lies in perspective, folks.

Scott Hasson is a parent, community volunteer, and a small business manager who worries about the educational future of our region. Scott is interested in managing a $1 billion budget without gimmicks to protect us, the taxpayers. He also strongly supports the 2nd Amendment without being a “gun nut.”

The real difference in this race comes down to this: Hasson works for a living and represents middle America. Meanwhile, we are paying Rhinerson to work for us, and look at the results at San Diego Unified. Bernie represents the government, his pension, and unions — not you.


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  1. It’s quite different to opine that qualified students and staff should be able to carry weapons on campus, and to make that a part of one’s campaign agenda. Campus RTC is not a radical idea — it is the law in a few other states. Utah has allowed college campus RTC for years, and no shootings.

    But in CA that’s not an issue that has the slightest chance of public acceptance. Sad but true.

    Furthermore, the decision to allow guns on campus is a state legislative decision, not a local option issue. After all, in CA, for all intents and purposes, very few people can get a RTC permit at all — often political connections are necessary to acquire that rare “right” bestowed by county sheriffs.

    So regardless of Scott’s personal opinion about such matters, it’s not something that he would concern himself with if elected to the community college board. THAT’s the question that can be properly asked of Scott — I’m confident I just gave his answer.

    He has made his priorities clear in his campaign and ballot statement. No mention of campus RTC, because it’s simply not an issue.

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