Rostra Rocks, Rostra Rolls to Three San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism Awards

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Pardon us for just a moment while we at Rostra congratulate ourselves and each other for having our humble political blog honored for the third year running at the 2012 San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism Awards.

San Diego Rostra won in the following categories:

  • Second Place, Websites: Blog – News and Opinion
  • Second Place, Websites: Blog – Topic Based
  • Third Place, Daily Newspapers and Websites, Headlines for “The Libertarian Lass”

This is no “every child gets a trophy” sort of situation. The San Diego Press Club’s awards competition is one of the largest regional journalism competitions in the U.S., with a record number of entries this year. The awards are independently and anonymously judged by press club members from across the country. They do not know any of the entrants personally; they judge only on the basis of the work submitted. When you win a Press Club award, you’re winning against stiff competition on the merits.

We’re especially pleased that we put ourselves up against professional full-time journalists and writers in many cases, and more than hold our own.

The awards may have your administrative team’s name on them, but the truth is that every single contributor throughout the past year should have his or her name on the website’s awards. Every single post contributes to the value of our content and information. Even more important is our willingness to engage and interact with our readers, including and especially the ones who disagree with us. We are gratified to have readers who espouse an endless variety of views. Never mind sides of some aisle, we and they are all over the road!

Thank you for your attention and kind support. It’s swell to be a winner, but it’s even better to have some proof that what we do has value, and a bit of style to boot.


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