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SD Rostra invited the Republican candidates competing in the 36th State Senate District race (succeeding Dennis Hollingsworth) to submit a guest column.  The commentaries have been posted in the order received prior to the deadline. Candidate submissions received after the original postings have been added as they came in.  The following was received after the deadline…

Guest Column
by Greg Stephens

I’m Greg Stephens, an independent Republican candidate running for the California State Senate – 36th District.  I live with my family in Rancho San Diego.  The following foundational principles are those that I’ve given my pledge of honor and commitment to uphold.

Principled Leadership Through Service and Sacrifice

I served in the U.S. Air Force as a member of the Air National Guard during Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield.  I’m the only combat veteran running for the 36th District State Senate seat.

After I was released from active duty, my Guard unit was activated on April 19, 1995 as first responders to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  These firsthand experiences in war and homeland security heightened my appreciation for my country and strengthened my conviction that America must do everything within its power to protect its citizens.  My experience as active military reinforced my decision to run for this State Senate office.

California’s Citizens Come First

I promise to stand up for the U.S. Constitution without question or hesitation and will oppose any legislation that would encroach on civil liberties or increase taxation without representation. My focus in Sacramento will be on legislation that promotes community education and business growth.

As pastor of a La Mesa church, I serve and work with the community.  As a family man, community leader and concerned citizen, I’m confident I can have a positive effect in Sacramento.  Effective leadership in Sacramento must start with representing “We the People.”

I’m fully committed to the founding principles of America as well as the free market economic system.  Our State’s current administration supports restrictive legislation that effectively prevents California businesses from competing nationally, diminishes the quality of government services and increases the burden of taxpayers for years to come.

Protecting Children

The state legislature must strengthen “Jessica’s Law” that provides some important tools to help law enforcement detect, track and apprehend sexual offenders. If elected State Senator, the first bill I will propose will improve law enforcement’s ability to track and recognize released offenders.

First, it will require registered sex offenders to renew their driver’s licenses every year in person at a Department of Motor Vehicles office.  This will help parole officers track offenders’ residences and whereabouts.  Second, the bill will create a special classification of driver’s license for offenders. The number 290 (law enforcement’s code for sex offender) will appear on offenders’ licenses.  This will allow any police officer confronting an offender to immediately recognize with whom he or she is dealing.  Failure to comply with the renewal procedure will be a parole violation.  The penalty will be suspension of the offender’s license and possible revocation of parole.

Pro 2nd Amendment

As State Senator, I will defend the Constitutional right of citizens’ to keep and bear arms.  I will oppose any legislation that would restrict our rights to defend and protect family and property.  Restrictive legislation only serves to restrict law-abiding citizens, giving criminals the advantage.

Illegal Immigration

I will ask the Governor to station the California National Guard along the California /  Mexico border to add a third layer of defense, along with the Border Patrol and local law enforcement, to protect California’s citizens and defend the border.  The first priority must be to stop the flow of illegal immigration.

I support Arizona’s recently signed legislation and would propose a similar bill in California.  I will submit a bill requiring use of E-verify by employers and elimination of sanctuary cities.   I believe English should be declared the official language of the U.S. and that basic proficiency in English will give legal immigrants a leg up on the ladder to success.


I am a candidate of the people who is for the people.  I’m happy to say I’ve been endorsed by iCaucus  I’m in full agreement with the iCaucus goals of “bringing government control and accountability back to the people, removing the influence and control of ‘big money’ special interest groups, and holding elected representatives accountable to their promises and principles.”

I’m honored to be able to say I’ve also received the endorsement of Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret.), who challenged and fought the constitutionality of portions of the Brady Bill, and won, in the United States Supreme Court.  Sheriff Mack is also an honorary member of the National Rifle Association Hall of Fame.

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