GOP: BREAKING: Supervisor Dave Roberts Just Cost Taxpayers $310,000

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WOW! This is JUST hitting the news:

San Diego Union Tribune: “Roberts’ Accusers Get $310k Settlement”

NBC 7/39 San Diego: “County Supervisors Approve $310k Settlement For Roberts Accusers”

What a disgrace. County taxpayers will now have to pick up the bill for Democrat Supervisor Dave Roberts’ irresponsible behavior.

If he had any honor he would resign immediately — or at the very least announce that he is NOT running for re-election.

Either way, his days are numbered. There are two Republicans announced for that seat: Escondido Mayor Sam Abed and Encinitas Mayor Kristin Gaspar.

In short: This seat is going back into the Republican column!

Republicans are on offense – thanks to your support!


Tony Krvaric
CHAIRMAN (volunteer)
Republican Party of San Diego County
Croatian by blood, Swedish by birth, American by choice


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  1. Dave Roberts is a real Jeckle and Hyde type of guy. According to the reports I’ve seen, he’s very good at attending constituent events and working the crowd. But then he abuses several good female employees because they called him on his shady activities. He sounds psychotic and in need of treatment.

    Don’t trust Dave Roberts. He sounds like a younger, cuter version of Bob Filner. Why do the leftists always support these shady people?

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