Filner’s abysmal Congressional voting record — from taxpayers’ standpoint

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters 1 Comment


Here’s Comrade Bob Filner’s annual aggregate Congressional voting record — compiled by NTU (National Taxpayers Union).

The last year he didn’t earn a grade of “F” was in 1996, when Clinton went relatively moderate to counter the GOP surge. That year Filner squeezed by with a gentleman’s “D.”

The choice for mayor of San Diego has NEVER been more clear.  For both sides.


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    My long-time friend Ed Teyssier has chided me on this short article — pointing out that I failed to mention that Filner’s voting record in 2012 will likely be his most taxpayer-friendly rating EVER. And he is right.

    After all, Filner has missed many, MANY Congressional votes while pandering to the labor unions for support in his race for mayor. And surely a “not present” House vote will tally far better then his ACTUAL votes.

    My abject apologies to Comrade Bob for my failing to give him proper credit for improving his taxpayer voting record in the current year.

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