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This year in January, the federal government launched one of the most outrageous attacks on religious freedom in our nation’s history: the “Health and Human Service (HHS) Mandate.” This mandate, implemented under Obamacare, forces employers – including religious charities – to provide free contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs in their health plans, against their religious beliefs and moral conscience.

On Saturday October 20, over 130 cities across the country will participate in the Stand Up For Religious Freedom rally opposing the Health and Human Services contraception mandate which organizers feel is a direct assault on constitutional rights.

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As people of faith, it is our responsibility to keep religious freedom on voters’ minds and in the forefront of national conversation, reminding Catholics especially of the attack on our beloved Church. Where religious liberties are concerned, the government has no right imposing itself upon the Church, particularly for a religion to violate its own moral conscience. That’s why we’re inviting folks to join us for the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally on October 20. We are encouraging people of all faiths to come stand in defense of their Church and their constitutional rights. We are all Catholic now.

This is a family friendly rally. Please bring your signs. 

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  1. Welcome blurb from the world of Thor. I bet your assistant is known in other circles as Odin? Pageanry aside, let me offer Roman Catholic Kudos.

    Sadly this will be the second event I will have missed. Once again I am trapped in the Anza Borrego. Not to return until election nite and the US Grant Hotel.

    Much will be said on Election Night. I will see what this country really looks like. However my only concern is God and Family. I am of the one percent. I have served my city, my county, and my country. I serve no more. God and Family. All the non serving 99 percenters are on your own. By the way assistant to Thor, We are not all Catholics. Only Biden would make a gaffe like that.

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