Filner Caught Lying About Borrowing Scheme

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by Ryan Clumpner

Bob Filner today: “Pension obligation bonds was an idea which I talked about before the primary. That was before Prop. B was voted on. I have to implement it. These bonds are off the table. There’s nothing to talk about. They’re moot. And I wish these people had followed the campaign for the last two months.”

Filner in August: “I propose refinancing our debt. I save $500 million in 10 years. No new taxes. Five hundred million dollars. That’s a lot of money. Why don’t we do it?… Now, there are risks. There’s risks now because we’re in the bond market, we’re in the stock market. There’s risks with any bond you buy. Same thing. But that’s not what I would choose if I had full freedom. But in a bad situation you take the best you got. That’s the best we got. I think we oughta do it.”

VOSD reported at the time: “So if you’re keeping score, in the space of eight days, Filner was for pension bonds, against pension bonds and for them again.”

SOURCE:  Voice of San Diego, “Filner Still Loves the Pension Plan He Scrapped”

If that were not enough, Filner’s website contained the Pension Borrowing plan less than a month ago. Below are links to screenshots of his official website in September.

As Lani Lutar at the San Diego County Taxpayers Association stated today, “Bob Filner has not demonstrated that we can trust his word.”


Filner Screenshots:


Pension Reform Now! – Here’s how

Here’s how – next part

Pension Plan Annual Savings

Annual Savings – next part

Filner Pension and Budget Solution

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Clumpner is the Carl DeMaio for Mayor campaign manager


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