Fighting Green Grifting in Bay Park

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In an earlier post, I laid bare the hypocrisy and mendacity of the effort to rezone Morena.  Saturday, September 27, at 10:00 a.m., you have the chance to protest the green grifters and their plans for a whoreticulture of high-rises in Bay Park.  There will be a march along Morena by the “folks” whose neighborhood is under siege on the unproven theory that density is destiny, as far as carbon is concerned.

From the Raise the Balloon web site:

Path of Balloon march -Click Here

*Enter march from any adjoining street to Morena as Balloon approaches: (Ingulf, Jellett, Lister, Milton, Ashton, Littlefield, Asher, Vega, Dorcas, Buenos, or Cushman at Arizona Tile). 
*Linda Vista participants will join the march at Arizona Tile & Morena Blvd
*Marchers must remain on sidewalk (EAST side of Morena Blvd) -Single file is best for visual effect (volunteers- those holding bouquets of small red balloons-will help guide marchers)
*Stops will be made at various traffic lights/intersections
*Grassy area at City Chevrolet is available for our seasoned citizens to set up lawn chairs to view march
*Wear your Raise The Balloon T-shirts or order one for the march (we will will-call online orders at march) or wear something red

Part of my joy over this mass movement is the opportunity slash with a radicalinsky rapier against the forces of the red/green alliance who have used Alinskyite techniques to trample our freedoms.  At the same time, the parasite class with political pull can be denied the opportunity to make money at our expense.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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  1. It’s a pathetic effort to get more riders for the trolleys by limiting housing to trolleyside locations as much as possible. It’s dawning on our central planners that the trolley line from Old Town to UTC is going to carry FAR fewer people than envisioned — and most will be former bus riders (who apparently will save about 4 minutes riding the trolley vs. an express bus).

    Not that these geniuses are TOO concerned — they’ll still get their great salaries and huge below-the-radar SANDAG pensions. No one gets fired for such “mistakes” — if indeed they are really mistakes, or are just calculated lies.

    Of course, this “surprise!” under-utilization happens in EVERY trolley expansion. The other certainty is that the trolley line will cost more — much, MUCH more — than projected when the project was approved. But that’s a separate matter, I guess.

  2. great title – ‘Green Grifting in Bay Park’. walks bring awareness, but unless you present and implement the solution, it will all be for naught.
    Focus on the bigger picture – what is the reason for the dense housing they want to pack in at Morena Blvd corridor?
    The reason for taking out the golf course in Mission Valley and replacing that with 4000 units?
    Where else are all the soon to be legal immigrants going to live after Obama implements mass amnesty? (hearing 100 million chain migration.
    the Mayor and City Council are responsible for this since as they are mandated to follow the density plan.
    it is called:’Smart Growth’ aka ‘The WIldlands Project’ aka ICLEI (International Community for Local Environmental Initiatives) aka: Agenda 21(signed by Pres Bush in 1992).
    San Diego City Council signed onto this agenda in 2005, I read.,
    Your tax dollars are paying for this plan. You need to know more about it.
    Follow the money and find out where it leads. Start here:

    I talked to Carl DeMaio about it when he was running for Mayor.
    He checked it out and told me to my face that if he were elected mayor, he would disconnect San Diego from ICLEI.
    Oh well, that did not happen.

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