Faulconer just a politician now

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In a few weeks the massive tax increase placed before San Diego voters by the billionaire Spanos family in order to gain a massive public subsidy for their very profitable football team will go down in defeat.

In its wake it will leave a much diminished Mayor Kevin Faulconer. Overnight, for me, he went from being a different kind of politician — focused on reform and limited government — to a proponent of tax increases who is at best ideologically confused. I was most disappointed that he would join arms with the Spanoses after they took to paid advertising to attack Faulconer’s council ally Chris Cate. Loyalty is a value you either have, or you don’t.

The Mayor is likable and I am sure will continue to do some great things with his remaining time in office. But he’s just a politician now, and he could have been more than that.


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  1. Show of hands of those who actually believe Kevin F thinks the measure will pass the 66.6% threshold.
    And, Mayor Faulconer is a politician, but according to Fleischman, not the correct type.

    Sorry, but we need politicians who win elections. Kevin will win a few more before he is done.

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