End SD city ban on Wal-Mart superstores

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SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE editorial writer Chris Reed has an excellent post on his blog about the incoherent anti-Wal-Mart arguments by Democrats against low food prices and jobs for lower income folks. I strongly recommend reading his piece.

It reviews in detail a fabulous study from an honest LIBERAL economist verifying all the good Wal-Mart is doing the poor and blue collar population in America. Yet the labor unions and their sycophant Democrat politicos continue their groundless attacks on Wal-Mart.

But Chris should have emphasized that in San Diego our city council Democrats (with quiet support from some Republicans) have literally banned Wal-Mart Superstores (big box stores like Costco, except they sell in much smaller lots like a grocery store) within the city limits.

No cheap grocery stores allowed here! Three problems quickly come to mind:

1. These prohibitionists literally want poor people to have to pay 25% more than necessary for groceries, forcing them to shop at mostly unionized, overpriced grocery stores. Once again we see that liberals care less about the poor than about their labor union allies.

2. Wal-Marts generate a LOT of desperately city-needed sales tax revenue. Recognizing this, neighboring Poway is in the process of approving (over considerable opposition) a Wal-Mart Superstore. Hence many people in northern San Diego (including myself) will trek to Poway to shop for both department store goods AND groceries. Poway gains, while sucker San Diego loses.

3. Hundreds more new jobs are coming to Poway, rather than to San Diego. Indeed, with less shopping in San Diego, our city will actually LOSE jobs. But then, we don’t want no stinkin’ jobs for the poor and unskilled in our progressive town.

Is anyone at city hall besides my city councilman Carl DeMaio rethinking our city’s ban on new Wal-Marts?


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