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From Bonnie Dumanis (original is linked here)…


I want you to be among the first to know that I’ve made an important decision about our future.

For some time, I’ve been talking with San Diegans about how my experience can be of value as the city continues its struggle back to financial health. As your District Attorney, I see the best and the worst of our city on a daily basis. But even during San Diego’s darkest days, I see a city with endless possibilities. After serious consideration, I believe I can play an important leadership role in helping us realize that potential.

Therefore, I have decided to run for Mayor of the City of San Diego in 2012. I will be making an official announcement soon.

I’m confident my long career in public service has given me the tools I need to bring change, build consensus and move our city forward.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done so far. My jobs as a clerk typist, Deputy District Attorney, Superior Court Judge and the county’s first woman District Attorney have each given me a unique perspective on the lives of San Diegans. For the past eight years, I’ve successfully overseen a budget of more than $100 million and a nearly 1,000-person office working to protect the safety of three million people in the county. Thanks to sound fiscal policies and increased efficiency, the District Attorney’s Office has been able to weather the current economic crisis without layoffs or disruption to our public safety mission.

When I was elected in 2003, I initiated a major reorganization of a District Attorney’s Office that hadn’t seen change for more than 30 years. By working cooperatively, I developed a system that benefited taxpayers and employees. I brought a once-divided office together to provide effective, efficient service to our community. I am especially proud that we made these changes while maintaining a 94 percent felony conviction rate, one of the highest in the state. That experience of taking a troubled organization and empowering people to turn it around is what excites me about running for Mayor San Diego.

I changed the way we did business in the District Attorney’s Office. I know I can do the same at City Hall. And I am passionate about doing it.

Our city is obviously at a crucial moment in its history. I get it. People are fed up with unsustainable pensions, a lack of transparency and political infighting. Many San Diegans are still hurting as we struggle to rebound from the recession.

In the coming months, you’ll hear details of my positions on specific issues and my approach to fixing problems at City Hall. It will be similar to what’s worked so well in the District Attorney’s Office. In many ways, it’s simple – dispense with the vitriol, name-calling and “us against them” mentality and make sure all voices are heard. As long as we take sides in what has become a war on how to handle our financial crisis in San Diego, all of us lose. It doesn’t have to be this way and I will work to make sure everyone has a seat at the table as we fix our problems together.

I wanted you to know about my candidacy as soon as I made this important decision. Please take a moment now to visit my Facebook page and campaign website to let me know if I can count on your early support and endorsement. These sites are important sources of information as we move forward.

Thank you for all your help in the past and your continued support in the future. As your Mayor, I will work hard on your behalf to continue restoring and maintaining our reputation as America’s Finest City.

Bonnie Dumanis

P.S. Please feel free to forward this email to friends and family!


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  1. Chris Cate and I agreed as part of our lunch bet that she actually needs to appear on the ballot. So, I still have a chance. LOL!

  2. It begins. I’m looking forward to her, Fletcher, Faulconer & DeMaio fight it out for the business folks. I would really like to see a business person ala Geppert (sp?) get into the fight.

    Say this for Filner, he’s the only D willing to get in the discussion. And San Diego is a Democrat leaning city.

  3. A jarring note in the statement above is, “When I was
    elected in 2003”.

    The D.A. won a close 2002 race over then-incumbent
    Paul Pfingst on November 5, Two Thousand and TWO.
    It was just this close:

    (1) Bonnie Dumanis……292,863…….. (50.3%)
    (2) Paul Pfingst……………289,341………(49.7%)

    You expect reporters to sometimes mix up election years,
    but it’s very rare for an elected official to forget when they
    themselves were first elected.

  4. I think Democratic Senator Kehoe wants in too.

    I don’t think anyone could possibly blame Faulconer if he just quietly didn’t file. His district is downtown, that’s his base. Unfortunately, the downtown business community is decidedly part of the Dumanis/Fletcher set. Plus I don’t think the City Council is the best place to launch a mayoral bid from.

    Filner: The guy is a skull-crushing, hell hound. His battles with Vargas prove he’s willing to go the distance in any kind of political environment. People forget that he’s battle-tested and in this economy, his populist style will play very, very well. Do not discount this guy.

  5. Barry: you can get me back next June for the Primary Election Results challenge (can’t remember the official name of the challenge). The question on the mayoral primary results is going to be a toughy!

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