When Senators Act Like Spoiled Brats

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Well they finally did it! They finally took a vote in Wisconsin without waiting for the Democratic senators to return and none too soon, because Governor Scott Walker had been ready to offer a compromise regarding the unions if the Democratic senators who jumped ship and fled to Illinois would only come back.

I believe it was a mistake to offer such a deal. Whatever side of the fence you are on here, be ye liberal or conservative, be ye pro-union or anti-union, I think we should all agree that irresponsible senators who ditch their jobs deserve no special arrangements. Giving in would open Pandora’s Box and begin the most dangerous of precedents.

The reason we have a Republican majority in the Wisconsin State Senate is that a majority of citizens put them there. Whenever Democrats hold the majority, they smugly remind us that “the American people have spoken.” Oh, but when they are in the minority, we hear a whole different symphony.  They insist that the minority should have every bit as much power and clout as the majority party and that “the American people want bi-partisanship.” I could write such drivel in my sleep.

Rest assured, this would not have been the last time our faithful minority senators or congressman decided to take a field trip had that little Wisconsin hissy fit been catered to. It would have started happening in state after state. It’s like the mother who gives in to temper tantrums instead of using her thick, hard cover psychology book to spank little Johnny on the behind.


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