DeMaio Podcast with Tea Party on Pension Signature Drive

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I Appeared on the Stop Taxing Us podcast yesterday asking all grass-roots activists, in the County of San Diego, to help  gather enough signatures to get the pension reform measure on the ballot.

Listen to this 12-minute plea for help now.

I am asking for help from all San Diego County tea party activists, not just those who live in the City of San Diego.  Dr. Gary Gonsalves and Brian Brady articulated why this pension reform measure is, quite literally, the most important measure facing us:

  • The City of San Diego pension reform measure is being watched by the rest of the nation
  • San Diego is one of the ten largest cities in the country
  • San Diego pension reform could be the model and reform could have a domino affect
  • Other cities, states, and possibly the federal government could look to the San Diego model for future reform,

What can you do?

Join me this Saturday, September 10, 2011, to walk Rancho Bernardo and gather signatures at 16935 W. Bernardo Drive  San Diego, CA  92127.

We will start at 8:30am and end by 4:00pm. Come for as long or as little as you want! Bring a friend if you can!

Volunteers will be served delicious barbeque for lunch courtesy of Phil’s BBQ — and at the end of the walk they will be thanked with beer from some of our best local San Diego breweries.

If you can volunteer on Saturdays September 10th, please email us now at

Pension Reform Is In YOUR Hands

San Diego has had enough of this pension nightmare! Our services have been cut and our roads are in disrepair because our hard-earned taxpayer money has been diverted from our basic services to pay for outrageous pensions for government employees.

We must get real pension reform now. Please be part of that historic effort by volunteering today!


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