Governor Brown Pushes Eleventh-Hour Tax Increase

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This in from SD Rostra friend and Taxpayer Advocate Jennifer Kerns:

Governor Jerry Brown is pushing an eleventh-hour Tax increase in final days of Legislative session.

The Governor and his Democrat allies in the Legislature are pushing to eliminate business owners’ ability to choose which formula they calculate their Tax liabilities with. If this passes, it will be devastating to business owners in California – who are already struggling to survive. Now, Jerry Brown is working hard to get key Republicans to flip and support his Tax plan.

Don’t be fooled – changing the formula for this so-called “Single Sales Factor” – isn’t just a procedural matter for business owners, it IS a Tax Increase on California businesses already dying on the vine.

While Governor Brown is oddly calling this a “Jobs” proposal (simply because it offers a manufacturing credit in this bait-and-switch package), this very measure will actually HURT the very employers who give Californians JOBS!

While Taxpayer groups would love nothing more than to see Tax relief for everyday California taxpayers, a deal like that does not look likely at this juncture. So, business owners are working to halt this deal that is already in motion. Please call Jerry Brown (916) 445-2841 and tell him NO DEAL!

Here’s what Jon Coupal posted to FlashReport on the issue yesterday.


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  1. A definite difference of opinion among policy makers as to whether this is a tax increase, or a revenue neutral measure that provides a semblance of tax relief to small businesses. See Nathan Fletcher’s and Ernie Dronenburg’s markedly different view of the proposal…

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