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From Mike Cully, Tuesday 11 am Florida time…

After a well-executed breakfast moderated by conservative radio talk-show hosts Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt and featuring an appearance by Speaker of the House John Boehner and Congressman Darrell Issa, delegates and alternates were told to prepare for a very long — possibly 12-hour-plus day.

Since the cancellation of the session Monday, we were all aware the burden of the work would shift to Tuesday. By 11:30 am, the California contingent stood ready to head to the forum for an event that was now scheduled to run until midnight.

It became obvious fairly quickly that just getting to the forum would be a problem, however. Citing “serious delays,” RNC organizers found that the unionized buses were not operating as expected, leaving the delegation standing in the lobby of the hotel. By 1:30, only one bus had arrived and transported 50 of the 300+ waiting to go.

Word circulated that protesters may have caused some of the delays…union regulations causing the rest.

Organizers say Speaker Boehner was detoured five times this morning on his way to the breakfast here in St. Petersburg. We understand these protesters are also wreaking havoc on delegation efforts to get to the forum.

At this writing, still 2/3rds of the California delegation is waiting to board a bus for the 40-minute trip to the forum. With any luck, we’ll be there for the evening session.

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Other News and Information:

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  1. Sweetwater Union High School District Trustee John McCann, also attending the convention, adds, “Stuck at the hotel waiting for the buses to leave; the buses are late because protesters were blocking some of the roads.”

    Cully also adds that the delegates are getting a police and sheriff escort to the forum.

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