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Over the next few days, SD Rostra will bring you some exclusive thoughts from a few San Diegans in Tampa for the Republican National Convention, mostly “on the fly” as they tell us what they’re doing, what’s going on with the California delegation, or anything else that happens to be on their minds.

Here’s a missive from Mike Cully, Monday 11 am…

Tropical Storm Isaac.

Like the Obama administration, something that promised so much but delivered so very little.

Erring on the side of caution and safety, RNC officials decided to essentially cancel the day’s events…save for quickly gaveling-down and convening 10-minutes later…assuming that Isaac would upstage the opening ceremonies. For the California delegation, the day started with a rally of sorts in the main concourse of the Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete’s…the official lodging venue for the group. As expected, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got the group fired-up, and it suddenly started to feel like a convention. Other notables, like Meg Whitman and Congressman Kevin McCarthy followed Christie…but how does one “really” follow a guy like that? For the group of delegates, alternates and guests, Monday then will be a “day off.” Organizers will screen the movie “2016” – which apparently will make most feel even better about being here, followed by a hosted dinner in the early evening. In between time, there will be a lot of mixing and mingling, to be sure, as the contingent gets to know each other.

Most of the  delegation arrived yesterday (Sunday). One highlight: the swag bag given to all delegates. I’m going to have mine shipped home. Filled with goodies like a Reyn Spooner shirt, Romney t-shirts and hats, candy, drinks, magazines, books and even a copy of the ever-popular “Smurfs” dvd…one could probably survive in their room here for many days just on all the candy and snacks they provided. A special thumbs-up for the Ibuprofen they shoved in everyone’s bag. Someone was thinking.

Cully is a reformed television reporter, turned public servant, turned entrepreneur.  He started and runs the San Diego car-sharing service car2go. Proud SDSU alum and former chief executive of the Visalia and San Diego East Chambers of Commerce. Politically, Cully was a regional lead in Meg Whitman’s California gubernatorial run.


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  1. Readers: Anyone you know from San Diego at RNC in Tampa that may want to send some brief — fun or serious — takes on their observations the next few days, for posting on Rostra? Let us know at

  2. It’s a blatant insider consultant’s power grab. Anything that reduces grass roots involvement and influence is not acceptable.

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