CRP says District 7 candidate Kostrinsky “doesn’t want you to know who he really is” — A veteran past SEIU union official

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With public opinion tilting against public employee unions, the California Republican Party says D7 council candidate Mat Kostrinsky (D) does not want voters to know of his career interlude with the influential local SEIU chapter.  And a check of the Biography Page at Kostrinsky’s campaign website  does not mention the SEIU.  SEIU press releases or agendas from Local 221 identify Kostrinsky as an SEIU official here in 2010 and again here in 2007 .

District 7’s boundaries were redrawn by a Kangaroo Court  Redistricting Commission in 2011.  D7 incumbent Marti Emerald then fled  relocated to District 9.  The Republican Party of San Diego and the CRP endorse homegrown businessman & Patrick Henry High School grad (and football player) Scott Sherman in the contest with Kostrinsky for D7.  District 7’s  history includes Republican council members like Judy McCarty and Larry Stirling, both of whom endorse Scott Sherman.

And Yes, sports fans, where you went to high school and played football (for the Patriots in this case) still matters in places like Allied Gardens, Del Cerro, San Carlos, Grantville, Tierrasanta, Mission Village, Serra Mesa, Lake Murray and the rest of beautiful Council District 7.

DISCLOSURE:   Scott Sherman for City Council is a client.


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  1. I wonder how many purple SEIU shirts Mat is trying to hide away in his closet these days. I bet he doesn’t want any of his supporters walking neighborhoods wearing SEIU t-shirts.

  2. Yes, Patrick Henry football. And I’m even letting the voters know that part of my background!

  3. And from what I’m hearing, quite a few Repubs are voting (and have already voted) for Mat Kostrinsky. And, they have his yard signs up. Maybe they know more that you do and don’t care, knowing he’s a good guy who gets stuff done.

    I’d say Sherman is hurting….hence this little fright piece. Some Repubs are smarter than you know. 🙂

    From Admin: WOW, there’s some concrete stuff. From what we’re “hearing,” quite a few Democrats are voting for Sherman. Cross over voting happens. Everywhere. But, from what we’re “hearing,” way more Dems are crossing over in this district than Reps are. How do we know? Because we said so, just like you did. Or, maybe we “heard” it. Then, we said so.

  4. You have it all wrong Admin…yard signs get 2 votes each. That’s apparently why Sherman is hurting.

  5. Being not the typical voter (I research the candidates and issues before voting), if I was living in Mat’s district, I would have gone to his website and looked to see who he was endorsed by. Seeing that, for the most part, his endorsements are coming mainly from Democrats, I probably would have been safe to assume that Unions might be supporting his candidacy.

    So if this mailer did come from the Republican Party, all I can think is what a waste of money.

  6. Dear Admin,
    Nice try….
    The only reason this little fright piece is appearing now is because you do KNOW what is happening and that is Sherman is going down. All of those telephone polls Sherman’s been running show this.

    Why else would it be appearing here….now? Just a waste of time and money.

    There are some very savvy Repubs out there. They know a good man when they see one and they want a community member who has been active in improving our community already. If Kostrinsky’s campaign is any indication of how he will operate, it’s the type of well organized and well supported community effort that makes things happen.

  7. As is so often the case, Gwendolyn misses the point of our bolded add to her comment found four above, not being able to recognize the irony. Now, directly above, she gives a relatively well thought out argument (whether we agree or not is no matter). Her original comment was a lame “from what I’m hearing.” We respond in kind and she says “Nice try” for doing exactly what she did in the first place.

  8. The mailing depicted here is from the California Republican Party, not from Scott Sherman for City Council.

    That is mentioned in the Headline, the lead sentence, and in both of the images. Somehow Gwendolyn missed all of that.

  9. Did who miss what? The disclosure right at the bottom of the post, consistent with our policies?

  10. Brian,

    He worked helping people who make significantly less than $2,000 per month earn enough to live on.

    In your perception of the world, is that a bad thing?

  11. Noble on it’s face. But, in so doing, unwittingly (I assume) working to advance policies which increase the number of those earning less, while ensuring many of those earning less continue to do so. Perception isn’t a bad thing, unless you can’t perceive the big picture.

  12. “He worked helping people who make significantly less than $2,000 per month earn enough to live on.”

    So have I but I do not rely on threats of force, to achieve that objective. In your perception of the world, isn’t that a more noble thing?

  13. Steve,

    I don’t believe that there was any more upward mobility or that the low end worker made more before there were unions and before there were minimum wage and living wage laws.

  14. Big picture. Not unions by themselves. Overall philosophical views. “Don’t expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong.”

  15. Unions helped shaped those philosophical views. Give credit where credit is due. And no one, least of all Kostrinsky, is trying to bring down the strong. Making sure hard-working people (not welfare for not working) earn enough to live on and raise a family is noble work. I find it amazing that we have come to the point where this is the subject of an attack ad.

  16. Brian,

    I am not sure I understand. Are you saying that you use force when you are helping people earn a living?

    From Admin: Mr. Brady’s comment was mis-typed and he has corrected it.

  17. Well, this explains the flood of fliers landing in my mail box, as I live in Allied Gardens.

    I also got one from a group called the “Independent Voter Network,” formed from the bipartisan team of Steve Peace and Jeff Marston. IVN says its purpose is to encourage people to stop voting by party labels, and instead to vote on the issues. That sounds good in the abstract, but what I’m having trouble figuring out is IVN’s own position on the issues. It can’t all be about process.

  18. Brian,

    I am quite certain that Kostrinsky has never used force or threats of force. If we were in court the expression would be “assuming facts not in evidence.” But then again politics has always been about spin and perception. There has never been a place for reality.

  19. Bradley,

    “it can’t all be about process.” knowing Marston and Peace, I am quite sure it is. And if you think about it, correcting our current process, which treats voters as though they were nothing more than sports fans rooting for their team to win a game, is the only thing that is going to ensure the long-term health of our society.

  20. Alger….you say Mat works at UDW helping people that earn less than $2000 a month earn a wage they can live on. How much does UDW take from their meager paycheck in the form of union dues? Is it “let’s help them earn more money so we can take some of it”?

  21. Has Mr. Kostrinsky answered why he lied about his past affiliation on that video? I agree with Alger: its amazing we’ve gotten to the point with unions where a candidate/employee feels the need to mislead voters about his affiliations.

  22. Alger,
    You have a good point there. And in addition, when we begin to look at our candidates as applicants for a civic job, i.e. someone we, as a community, hire for the job, instead of “sports heroes” we cheer on, then we will have a more effective legislative body working for us.
    With this in mind Mat Kostrinsky is the best candidate for the job of City Councilmember representing District 7. He has the credentials and experience of working in our community.

  23. Brian,

    The only legislated monopolies in San Diego that I can think of are SDG&E and the San Diego Padres. Which one were you referring to?

  24. Alger,

    I’ve done some reading on the Independent Voter Network, and what I at first thought was a nice platform for the public to debate the issues free of partisan control appears to be a sham to give the hoi polloi the impression of making decisions, while reserving the real power to an influential few.

    Follow the money. The funding of IVN’s parent, the California Independent Voter Project, is no grass-roots organization like the Tea Party or Occupy Wal Street. It’s funded by special interests and politically influential individuals.

    IVP says its biggest corporate backer is the pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and its biggest labor backer is the California Correctional Officers union. These organizations are interested in more than good government.

    The three largest individual donors are John Moores, Charles Munger, Jr. and Steve Peace. An independent, a Republican and a Democrat. But just because people belong to different parties doesn’t mean they can’t share a common agenda of gaining personal influence.

    Independent Voter Project says on its Web site that it is not a membership organization. It is a non-profit governed by its board of directors, including Peace, Marston, Dan Howie and Linda Mitrovich. So those four make the rules.

    Howie’s bio says he’s director of state government relations for Lilly (that explains Lilly’s corporate contribution).

    Matt Potter wrote about Peace’s friendly relations with the California Correctional Officers.

    Potter’s story jogged my memory that the IVP is the group that puts on a notorious shindig in Maui for legislators and lobbyists:

    “Besides the prison union, event bankrollers reportedly have included Southern California Edison, big tobacco’s Altria, Pacific Gas and Electric, the California Beer and Beverage Distributors, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, and Chevron.

    That is about the most opaque way of influencing government officials imaginable. Government officials are supposed to make decisions in public venues, in noticed public meetings.

    So while the writers on Independent Voter Network are debating the issues, its parent firm gathers with the power elite where the public is virtually excluded. Follow the money, not the distraction.

    The power elite and their lobbyists don’t really care what party is in power. Their highest priority is persuading legislators to vote their way. Meeting in an exotic locale far away from legislators’ constituents provides the perfect backdrop for such deal-making.

    By contrast, political parties, imperfect as they are, provide a universal organization for like-minded people to aggregate and advocate for their principles.
    Unlike IVP, political parties are membership organizations anyone can join.

    Political parties rooted in principle obstruct closed-door deal-making. It’s much easier to get a favor from a politician who doesn’t let principles interfere.

    The more I learn about IVP/IVN, the less it looks like real reform and more like smoke-filled room politics, taken to a new height of cynicism.

  25. Which one were you referring to?

    Um…the one which employed Kostrinsky. One need only look to the home health care worker industry, as an example of how SEIU uses men with guns to eliminate competitors.

  26. On his own linkedin page, Mat K lists for past employment:

    “Deputy Director of Government and Community Relations at SEIU Local 221”

    In the video above, he says he never worked for SEIU.

    I agree with Gwendolyn and Alger, he is the best candidate for the job. He’s a perfect politician.

  27. Brian,

    You said that SEIU was a legislated monopoly. It is not. Now you accuse of them of serious felonies. Would you care to document that?

  28. We know that Kostrinsky is all a-“Twitter” about some being wrong as to whether he would take a pension as a council member. That may pale in comparison to what appears to be him lying in that video. He has posted here before. We invite him to explain.

  29. Alger cannot win the ideas argument with Brian Brady so now here comes the Beat-the-Strawman technique.

    For purposes of clarification, the Kostrinsky web-site says he now works for the UDW (United Domestic
    Workers) which represents the home health field.

    The SEIU is a separate entity which represents other employees. Many of them are government workers.

  30. “Now you accuse of them of serious felonies”

    I did no such thing. What SEIU did was completely legal but make no mistake about it, they enlisted the help of armed men to achieve their competitive advantage. The American Medical Association taught them how to do this about a century ago.

    I think you’re being intentionally disputatious so I’ll close on that comment.

  31. Brian,

    “Uses men with guns to eliminate competitors.”

    Sounds like a serious felony to me.

  32. Jim,

    If Brian proposed an ideas argument I must have missed it. All I read was the old “union boss” comment and that unions use force, even men with guns, to eliminate their competition. What else did he say that remotely resembles an idea?

  33. Clinton,

    Thanks for sharing the video. Was there more than the 23 seconds Kostrinsky’s opponents chose to share?

  34. First, Mat never worked for Service Employees International Union (which in our world is the International Union). He has always stated he worked for the local – 221, which represents County Workers. He was never political director. When you send staffers out to ask dumb questions, you are going to get literal answers. No candidate answers more than they are asked. This was a stupid game of gotcha where Mat directly and honestly answered the question.

    Second, he is now a home health advocate for UDW. UDW is not an SEIU affiliate. They represent some of our lowest wage workers, that thanks to their union, now get an hourly wage and healthcare. Prior to 25 years of legislative lobbying by folks who worked for the Farmworkers, home healthcare workers had nothing. This program saves taxpayers millions of dollars a year, keeping senior, veterans and the disabled in their homes rather than a nursing home. It is supported by Republican and Democratic Legislators. No armed enforcers necessary.

    Third, it’s nice to see Clinton put his name to the post above – like he should have to his leaked texts to the UT. The Scott Sherman campaign (and Clinton in particular) has introduced a new low in San Diego politics. And, as many on this board know, we should all start to worry when campaign folks start leaking personal texts. New low.

  35. Thanks to Ms. Lorena Gonzalez for contributing to this thread.

    She is cordially invited to do so in the future as well.

  36. “(which in our world is the International Union)”

    Lorena just said she and Mat live in another world. This is the problem with unions. They don’t live in the real world.

  37. “It is supported by Republican and Democratic Legislators. No armed enforcers necessary.”

    Q: What do you think the Legislature is,?
    A: the people who control the men with guns.

    I’ll try to spell it out in a post. Few Republicans or Democrats and few conservatives or few liberals will LIKE what I”m going to write because I’m going to make you look in the mirror.

  38. Seriously…Did a post about Mat Kostrinsky just get 50 comments from Rostra readers? By contrast, the most recent post from Mayoral frontrunner Carl DeMaio drew just 3 comments in the same timeframe. I don’t know what that tells us about Rostra readers, but to quote Thor’s Assistant (cute by the way) I think you are all “a twitter” over Mr. Kostrinsky. Still not quite sure why though…

  39. So Ms. Gonzalez… are now splitting hairs between “political Director” and “political organizer” and SEIU local and SEIU national. I guess it depends on what the definition of is is.

  40. Seriously… Mark, if you are clueless as to why we find Kostrinsky’s SEIU “omission” of interest — and are intrigued by the further cover-up clumsily attempted by Lorena Gonzalez — you will never get it.

    But upon reflection, it’s more likely that you DO get it, and are just not happy that WE get it.

  41. Wow Lorena! Talk about a new low in SD politics. How about Mat Kostrinsky’s campaign folks calling voters to inform them that Scott Sherman, an insurance agent, was involved in declining claims made by homeowners in the 2007 wildfires that struck SD County. Guess it’s desperation time for the Kostrinsky and union folks. total rubbish and you all know it.

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