County Supervisors Bill Horn and Ron Roberts have Huge leads over their opponents in new Campaign Finance reports

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Supe  4 and  5     $$

The predicted major challenges to County Supervisors Ron Roberts and Bill Horn are not apparent in the 1st round of campaign finance reports, SD Rostra can report tonight.

Ron Roberts (District 4) has a 6-1 edge in the vital Cash-on-Hand category ($101,087 to $17,643) compared to Assemblywoman Lori Saldana. Bill Horn (District 5) is even further ahead of Vista Councilman Steve Gronke. Bill Horn has $ 97,536 cash on hand, compared to just $2,114 for Councilman Gronke.

Roberts and Horn are both Republicans. Lori Saldana is a Democrat. Steve Gronke switched to “decline to state” (from Republican) last July.

Other candidates may enter the races in each district, but these are the major contenders who have “anted-up” in financial disclosures to date.

Stay Tuned to SD Rostra for further coverage.


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  1. Good info Jim. Another potential sitting Supe challenger, Steve Danon, raised $28,305, as previously reported on Rostra. Interesting that the challenger who raised the most isn’t even on the ballot until June 2012!

  2. Saldana is a whack job.

    Seriously, this woman is viewed by her own party up here as being irresponsible and quite possibly mentally ill.

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