Chula Vista Republicans Advocate for Tax Increase

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Two Republican Chula Vista City Council Members, Mike Diaz and John McCann, have opposed the San Diego County Republican Party and are advocating a sales tax increase.

Let me get this straight.

Despite nearly seven out of ten American firefighters being volunteer, and despite California firefighters being paid 60 percent more than the other 49 states (CA median income is only 13 percent above the national average), these two Republicans want to increase the cost of living in Chula Vista?

They want their city to be known for the highest sales tax in the county along with Del Mar and National City?

I’d think one would first address their pensions. Fire personnel typically retire in their 50s and draw 70 percent or more of their peak pay. According to Richard Rider, chairman of San Diego Tax Fighters, a 30-year Navy Captain with responsibility of a multi-billion dollar aircraft carrier, nuclear weapons and 5,000 personnel retires on less than a Fire Captain overseeing a team of four.

Private sector employees rarely have pensions.

Know any fire personnel that think they deserve in excess $200,000? Let the market determine their value and we’ll all know if that opinion is valid.

Over one hundred people show for a job opening and we don’t see market forces are out of wack?

I think our volunteer fire personnel are our true heroes. We have a professional volunteer fire department on one of our homes in another state. No one is complaining. Fire fighting risk is less than unions claim.

There is a principled solution for Chula Vista if free markets, individual liberty and limited government are core values. Please stop. Wrong way.


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  1. Repubs showing their true colors. Maybe Chula Vista voters will have a non-statist choice next election?

  2. Wrong way indeed. McCann and Diaz have an opportunity to recant and should.

    If they are choosing the firefighter union over the Republican voters, why should any Republican support them?

    I sincerely hope they reverse course as quickly as possible

  3. Sadly, most of the public think a police or firefighter union endorsement has something to do with improving public safety. It’s quite the opposite. By overpaying public employees, we have to hire less of them, while paying higher taxes.

    That unfortunate public misconception about such endorsement is why these RINO’s have sold out. It’s simply good local politics.

    That being said, I find such public employee labor union endorsements quite valuable when going go the polls. If there’s a candidate who did NOT get such endorsements, THAT’S who I almost always vote for! These endorsements are perhaps the single best shortcut criteria to use when voting — and making political contributions.

  4. Before making any case for a tax increase, politicians should first show that they’ve “done all they could” to solve the problem other ways. Chula Vista politicos fail that test.

    The Chula Vista “reforms” nibble at the edges of the pension problem, leaving the opulent guaranteed pensions intact. Thee politicians lament that “there’s nothing more we could to.”

    Poppycock. Look no further than the city of San Diego for meaningful (though STILL somewhat inadequate) reforms that HAVE been done — 401K plans to replace most pensions for city new hires (all but police).

  5. “That unfortunate public misconception about such endorsement is why these RINO’s have sold out. It’s simply good local politics.”

    This is an excellent point. In a City Council race, the local teachers, firefighters, police, and SEIU endorsement is probably more effective than a political party endorsement BUT…

    …every Council member wants to be Mayor, then a County Supervisor, then an Assembly Member, then a State Senator, then seeks federal office, and so on, and so on.

    Here is the big challenge; will Republican Committee members remember McCann and Diaz, selling Republicans out for a local union support, when one of them wants to be a Supervisor? Probably not. Both know they can support tax hikes and trample on private property rights and still get Republican support for higher office.

    How do I know this? RPSDC endorsed Jim Desmond.

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