California Voters Oppose Prop. 13 Changes, Tax Overhaul, Poll Finds

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Taxpayer Godfather Howard Jarvis would be proud. According to a Field Poll released Wednesday, California registered voters oppose sweeping changes to the state tax system, Proposition 13 property tax provisions, and the 2/3 legislative requirement in Sacramento. Among the findings:

  • 52% disapprove of eliminating Proposition 13 safeguards for commercial property and business owners;
  • 69% disapprove of lowering the 2/3 legislative requirement to 50% in order to raise taxes in the state capitol;
  • 52% disapprove of lowering the 2/3 legislative requirement to 50% in order to pass the state budget;
  • 57% (23% agree strongly/34% agree somewhat) believe the state can maintain the level of government services and close a multi-billion dollar budget gap by cutting waste and inefficiencies;
  • 48% support an amendment to the state constitution to place a strict cap on government spending;
  • 64% oppose a marginal income tax rate overhaul that would lower taxes for high-income earners, raise taxes on low-income residents, and reduce the number of  tax rates from six to two;
  • 65% oppose a business tax overhaul that would replace corporate income taxes and sales tax with a universal business tax that would apply to all goods and services produced in California, including Internet goods and other presently untaxed services.

A summary of the Field poll can be found online here, and poll cross tabs are located here.


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