Day 2: Who Are They, Councilwoman Emerald?

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As I wrote Wednesday, Geni Cavitt of liberal Democrat Marti Emerald’s Council office issued a press release letting the world know that a “Citizen’s Advisory Council” to the Councilwoman endorsed a new taxpayer funded downtown library and city hall over the weekend. Great. The problem? No one seems to know who is on this “Advisory Council”, and one would think that if they are important enough to meet with a representative from the Mayor’s office, merit a press release asking the taxpayers to dish out millions of dollars during a recession, and apparently speak for the whole of the 7th District, they would be important enough to reveal their names to the public.

It’s been a day since this came to my attention. According to my sources on the Council Floor Emerald’s office is well aware that this is an issue (turns out Emerald is a reader… all the better). So let’s just lay out what would be fair:

Who is on this community advisory council?

How were they chosen?

Who do they speak for?

Why aren’t these meetings public?

Who was at the Saturday meeting the release writes about?

The release mentions a vote – what was the vote and how did the participants vote?

Thanks, Marti. I know you support open government so you’ll be issuing a release with that information today, I’m sure. Thank the Lord for the Troubleshooter.


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  1. I get Emerald’s press releases I’ve never seen anything about this advisory council. Went to the website, nothing. Still, it seems it would just me more simple if she just issued a release answering the questions before the UT or Voice finally gets off their rear ends and asks the questions, which she will have to answer?

    Where are you MSM?

  2. Any progress here? Or is Emerald going to need an ethics complaint and a freedom of information act to actually give the public the information.

    What I’ve found over time is that when people take a long time to do the obvious, they are normally hiding something.

    One of us will file a freedom of information act in the next few days if there is no answer to the questions. I have five or six other questions I’d like to ask anyway. I guess the staff over there doesn’t have time to tell us who they meet with, so let’s see how they like spending half their time answering my questions.

  3. I cant think of a reason in the world that ME wouldnt just come out and announce who is on her committee or whatever unless there is an issue. No doubt now she is setting up a totally new committee.

  4. Why not reveal names.I can think of a reason. Harassment. If I was on that committee and saw the things that are written about Council member Emerald on this site, I wouldn’t want my name revealed.

    You all need to get busy doing something productive for your community like volunteering to serve meals to the homeless or drive meals to the elderly. You have too much time on your hands.

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