CA Green Reg Machine: Saving the Planet or Killing Jobs

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters 2 Comments


Below is a link to a 9 minute professionally produced video that details the fraud and dishonesty underlying the devastating new California laws against diesel engines. It includes a rigged government agency (the California Air Resources Board a.k.a. CARB), with the story of the bogus PhD state “scientist” who authored the flawed report used as the basis for the new, crippling diesel regs — and the coverup.

It shows the CARB process ignored solid science that drew different conclusions.  It gives a real world example of the coming destruction of small businesses.  And finally, it details UCLA’s shameful action of firing a tenured professor for providing a noninflammatory, detailed, scientific study debunking the core assumption driving these Draconian new laws.

The next time you hear someone whining about taxpayers underfunding the UC system, share this video with them as another reason to not reward these left wing institutions with taxpayer funding.


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