Bonnie, calm down there — just smoke a joint and relax

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Wow, Bonnie Dumanis shuts down one of her Facebook pages, and someone inhaling a bit too much ganja believes the pot-heads single-handedly scared her out of the race for mayor…

They might have checked first to see if her actual campaign website is still up.  Which it is…

Unfortunately, Dumanis decided she needed to react on Twitter to the “media reports” of her supposed demise…

“I am STILL running for mayor–as hard as ever! Press reports I might be quitting because I took down one of my FB pages are wrong!”

Hey, Bon … You aren’t new at this — no need to respond to everything out there generated from too many bong hits. If you really felt the need, why not have some fun with it?  Such as…

“That’s a good rumor for an April Fool’s Day.”

Jes’ sayin’.


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  1. This is exactly why Ms. Dumanis cannot be San Diego Mayor. Her campaign is doomed to fail. The ‘stoners’ seemed to be a lot more on top of things than other media in town 🙂

    Surprisingly….as unimportant as the ‘stoners’ are, they seemed to have Ms. Dumanis scrambling to explain. Wait till these ‘stoners’ come out with documentation proving Dumanis’ failures, and execute an opposition campaign like the city has never seen before.

    Good luck Bonnie! Thanks for making all of us active, involved, and willing to make a difference!

  2. Last year’s statewide vote against legalizing marijuana proved again that Stoners are political poison. Only a Stoner would think criticizing the DA for enforcing drug laws will hurt her politically. In fact, it will help with a majority of voters, and the shriller the self- dramitization from the Stoners, the more she will be helped. People expect cops and prosecutors to enforce laws. Think about that the next time you are Straight, and it will make perfect sense. D.A. Dumanis must be pinching herself in disbelief that the Stoners have shifted discussion away from her actual vulnerabilities to what is, for her, a can’t-lose issue.

  3. Oh leave Eugene alone and let him have his fun. He’s earned it, after what Bonnie did to him, trying to make a convict of him in court with the murky medical marijuana laws, I’d say a little table turning is warranted.

    Bonnie’s vulnerable and Eugene will be taking advantage of that, she’s just tipped her hand to how vulnerable she truly feels and thank you for pointing it out in the blogosphere.

    I’ll be watching with great amusement at the witty, smart and effective antics of the “stoners” – kind of a putz-y word too, don’t ya think dude?

  4. Yes, let him have his fun. Even clueless, political neophytes should be given some leeway, especially since they will ultimately prove themselves irrelevant.

    Over 25 years in politics, I’ve heard DOZENS of times something akin to the same claim from a marginal special interest group, that they will “execute an opposition campaign like the city has never seen before.”

    Laughable. Seldom does it happen. Actually, almost never. It’s always neophytes with little political experience that say it.

    Further, on an issue like this one, the more saber rattling over pot and the more it will work against the pro-pot crowd (agreeing with “Straight” above).

  5. Eugene or any other Stoner reading this…has she done anything other than enforce drug laws? Has she published her position on drugs anywhere? Or lobbied for stricter drug laws?

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  7. Maassive, I don’t know enough about the issue to know if she was zealously enforcing the law or on a personal mission. I do believe there is a distinction to be made between enforcing laws and lobbying for new ones. Positions in law enforcement, like the DA or sheriff, have no choice, but to enforce the law as written. I would say it is unethical to pick and choose what laws they enforce based on their personal opinion.

    My subject…guns…I don’t fault her for prosecuting people for gun related crime. Even if it is a gun law I do not agree with. I do fault her for signing on to an opinion that individuals do not have the right to keep and bear arms. She was actually attempting to influence the Supreme Court with this. Lobbying for extreme gun laws is a really good litmus test for how a person views individual rights in general.

    So my question was a sincere request for examples of what she has done outside her required activities as DA. The article you sent was interesting, but I am not sure it clearly shows a distinction between her job duties and her personal convictions. But if you see it differently, I am all ears. (Well…since it is a message board, I guess I am all “eyes”)

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    Message Board. Hmmm. Message Board?! Ouch! We’d like to think we’re a bit more substantial than that. A message board is kind of like a Denny’s. Rostra? More like a Coco’s. (Although we admit that could be an insult to Coco’s.)

  9. I respectfully and apologetically retract my libelous attack on SD Rostra.

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    That makes us feel better. Way.

    Everyone: Please accept the suggestion in the headline of this post and chill. We would too, but it’s already cold in Valhalla.

  11. The page after page of pricey color Marijuana dispensary ads which appear in every City Beat have nothing to do with the linked Dave Maass article criticizing Bonnie Dumanis for raids on 14 Marijuana dispensaries. Any readers who are thinking that Dave Maass is like a Gum Ball machine (if you put a nickel in his mouth, you always know what you’re going to get), please put those thoughts out of your minds. Nothing to see here. Please move on.

  12. Michael –

    I think it’s important to note that Dumanis lost the cases she took to trial because people found the laws too vague to prove that anyone had done anything illegal.

    IMO, it was a publicity stunt and IMO you don’t arrest people for publicity.

  13. I must have been drinking too much tequila because I’d missed the wit on display in this thread.

    Maassive, when I worked at the District Attorney’s office for Paul Pfingst, I can say with complete sincerity we never arrested people for publicity’s sake. But we sure as hell took pains to publicize certain cases. We were known to give the media time to show up for a perp walk, and I would occasionally provide court documents to reporters to spare them the trouble of getting them from the clerk. Search warrant affidavits could be a mother lode of useful information… only after they’d been served and legally filed, though.

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    Thanks, Gayle, for directing our attention back here. The thread is even wittier the second time around!

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