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Each of the currently announced four Republican candidates for AD 77 was invited to submit a guest column to SD Rostra.  This is the fourth submission.  Click here for all the 77th AD candidate statements and posts on the race.

by Brian Jones
My name is Brian W. Jones and I am running for the Republican nomination for State Assembly in the 77th District to fight for real change in Sacramento.

As a member of the State Assembly, my priorities will be to encourage job creation, cut spending, and reduce employee costs.

Jobs- I am the only candidate, who as an elected official,  has actually contributed to creating jobs in the district.  I have worked with developers to plan and build new home communities that have created jobs for hundreds of construction workers and craftsmen.  I have initiated public/private partnerships to bring new amenities that benefit our citizens and have employed and will continue to employ hundreds of people.  I have encouraged commercial development that has brought new business and employers to town.  I have required that our City contract out as many of our services as possible to private companies to increase efficiency and private sector job creation. I know how to create jobs—get government out of the way of the people who are willing to take a risk and create an enterprise that can succeed.

Spending- Spending in Sacramento is not just out of control, it’s not even understood.  Every California family has to live within its means…IT HAS TO.  Our leaders in Sacramento do not know how to control spending nor do they even have the desire to try.  In July during the middle of the worst budget imbalance in the history of the State, the legislature passed dozens of new bills that either increased spending in current programs or created new programs all together.  That’s like you or I going out to buy a new car when we can’t afford the 17 we already have.  I am the only candidate who has gone through the process of cutting spending.  My colleagues and I on the Santee City Council went through our budget literally line by line over the course of several public hearings to cut every dollar from an already lean budget.  Through that process we were able to cut over 6% of our spending permanently.  Santee is the only East County City not to raise sales tax ever.  We cut spending and balanced our budget. It can be done!

Employee costs- There is a lot of talk right now about the cost of employees to the state.  The first solution is to reduce the number of employees.  The State is way over burdened with regulatory agencies, commissions, policy groups, etc.  In addition, we have far too many environmental agencies that do nothing other than impede progress and drive up the cost of construction.  We need to reduce this burden on the California economy.  Retirement benefits to State employees far exceed anything offered in the public sector and must be reduced.  In Santee, we have required that every employee pay a portion of their retirement costs, including the Mayor and Councilmembers.

The most important thing for the next session of the legislature and the next governor to focus on is getting California out of this recession.  It is the number one responsibility of state government to create an economic climate that allows us as individual citizens to enjoy our freedoms without the burden of over taxation and over regulation.


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  1. As a California State Peace Officer you do contribute to your retirement and if you have a 401k or 457 plan California contributes 0 to it. I can say the salary of the assembly of 130k needs to be reduced. It is the largest in the nation. What do you think? Why is this never something anybody that runs for office talks about. As State Workers took a 15% pay decrease the legislators took a pay increase. So what is the real reason you are running for office Mr. Jones?

  2. It’s priceless to see MISLEADING BS from someone piously taking the mantle of a “California Peace Officer”. So IN ADDITION to your publicly funded pension, you get a 401K ??? That’s better than the benefits I can offer my employees (better than any of the high paying corporate law firms I have ever worked for). I create jobs. You write tickets, Orrin. And these days, you PEACE OFFICERS are writing tickets to raise revenue. That’s not your duty to the public. Personally, holding the authority to impose fines on cities which are multi-fold those imposed with trafiic tickets I refuse the pressure to use my power to fine in order to raise revenue. You peace officers apparently don’t hold such an ethic or you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing. If you’re a prison guard, it’s tough to know where to begin…Union thug.

  3. As we are often reminded, it’s much easier to name call than to make a point. Yet, Pt Loma makes legitimate points, then resorts to simplicity on top of it. Issues, not personalities, people. This is not the UT online comments!

  4. I think it is real funny how somebody can talk like that then hide their name. If this person really is a lawyer I do not even want to begin how they are destroying this state and this country.

  5. Geeze, Point Loma. Can’t you just chase down one more ambulance a year to gather the couple thousand dollars it costs to set up a 401(k) for your employees? There is a McDonald’s at the end of Rosecrans. Go hang out by the drive through and wait for someone to spill a warm coffee in their lap. Heck, you and your office might be able to retire on that!

    Orrin makes a good and valid point. Why haven’t the legislatures taken a pay cut? I know their budget was cut a little, but not their pay.

    I can say that from what I know of Brian Jones and his position on the Santee City Council, fiscal responsibility is a top priority.

  6. Orin,

    I think you ask a good question. I don’t know Brian Jones really well but I’ve seen him in action for a while and he strikes me as being an earnest, stand-up guy. Sometimes this has worked against him because he’ll give a straightforward answer to an honest question where a wiser politician wouldn’t. If Sacramento were full of people like him, California would be a lot better place. If there’s only one of him, he might get chewed up!

    Anyway, I’m sure he’d be willing to give you an answer. Oh, and by the way, one thing I can tell you for sure, Brian Jones isn’t running for the Assembly because of the money.

  7. I have a question for Mr. Jones regarding the “spending” section of his post.

    You speak about a family having to “live within its means” but what about the balance of your failed congressional race against Duncan D. Hunter in the primary of 2008? On the FEC website ( ) it shows that you owed $10,000 from that campaign when you started raising money for your assembly race. “Living within your means” is not leaving a trail of debt before starting to raise money for the next higher office. How can you possibly get the financial affairs of the State of California in order when you cannot even settle the debt of one campaign before beginning another?

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