Obama Isn’t Playing Around Any More

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Record cold snowstorms (due to Global Warming according to MSNBC) have literally shut Washington down. Hmm. Washington shut down? Maybe we have something here. Oh well…I digress because even if Washington cannot put a handle on the weather, at least they’ll get Iranian President Ahmadinnejad under control.

In the wake of Iran’s announced nuclear enrichment, our administration has responded swiftly and fearlessly. Now  Ahmadinnejad has really made Obama angry. And not just Obama, the entire United Nations! They aren’t going to play Mr. Nice Guy any longer. Oh sure , there were already sanctions, but now the sanctions will be extra severe. How exactly? I think the condemning letter is going to use a big bold font!

That sound you hear from the Middle East is not the rumblings of nuclear testing. It is the vibration of Ahmadinnejad shaking. Laughter always makes this guy shake.

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