Breaking… Rexford’s Husband Said to Threaten Neighbor with “Gun”

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***Breaking News***

Whether or not you’ve been following the saga of Poway Councilwoman Betty Rexford, the documented harassment of her neighbors, and the resulting recall effort against her (here’s some background), the following breaking information from today really takes the cake.

I am told that this morning Rexford and her husband Paul were sitting in their car at the end of their driveway, allegedly staring at one of the neighbors, who was working on his fence.

As it was repeated to me, the neighbor looked over at the “first couple of Poway” and Paul Rexford made a hand gesture, middle finger extended.  Apparently, the neighbor returned the favor.

The Rexfords then are said to have pulled into the road and stopped the car, with Mr. Rexford asking the neighbor, “You got a problem with me?”

“Yeah, I do,” came the reply.

Paul Rexford is then alleged to have put his hand into the shape of a gun, this time a different finger extended, saying “Well, next time I come see you it will be with a gun.”

The neighbor called the Sheriff.  Two deputies (Richards and Patron) came out and filed a report #09066227.  (So, please, don’t take my word on these allegations, have at it … I just hit Florida for a vacation and I am now off the clock … whatever media want to follow up, this sounds like a good story and lead to me … just remember where you heard it first.)

If true, this sounds like something folks should know.  Particularly with regard to the potential safety of those speaking out against Councilmember Rexford at council meetings and while carrying recall petitions.


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  1. How does someone with such a low threshold of intolerance blatant stupidity get elected to ANY office?

  2. Gary, Waddaya mean? I retired! 😉

    Good question! It’s in the hands of the voters to elect them; and it’s in their hands to remove them, particularly in this case.

  3. Maybe that is why Barry got out. The blatant stupidity threshold just got too low for him and he had to leave!!

  4. Barry,
    Sacramento politicians is reason enough to believe in stupidity. But wait, maybe it is worse than we think: a 2008 Gallup Poll found 37% of Americans can’t locate America on a map and 24% of Californians are illiterate (according to William DuBay @ Impact-Information). How many of these people are in public office?

  5. This is another sad chapter in the unfolding drama of Betty Rexford. I wish Betty’s supporters would encourage her to gracefully resign from the City Council. Betty and her husband are in mourning for their only child. It is fairly natural to lash out in anger. This does not excuse their behavior, however, it should surely demonstrate the stress this family is under. For the sake of the Rexfords, the residents of Poway, and the peace of the City; I would ask friends and family members to intervene and encourage Betty to withdraw from public service to mourn her son. Surely, those who care for the Rexfords do not wish this situation to escalate into a violent showdown.

  6. There are people who schadenfreude with Betty’s dramafest. I happen to be one of them.

    Don’t worry Betty you will find other more mundane things to worry and obsess over, ….as these fade and you become more unrealistic people will start to not pay any attention to you at all…so enjoy it while we even respond .Soon you will be dribbling down your chin with the other nuts in the asylum

  7. I haven’t met or know much about the husband, but I attended the City Council meeting a few Tuesdays ago and watched Betty in action at the pulpit. Everyone speaking who appealed to her good senses to resign prefixed their 3-minute speech with a respectful condolence at the loss of her son. She was seething profusely with anger that after about the 6th speaker who expressed their condolence, she completely lost control of herself and launched into a tirade, specifically asking people to dispense with their condolences because she felt that they were ingenuous, and said that her son wouldn’t have appreciated any of their sorrowful thoughts. In addition, she made threatening gestures to Mr. Vaus, that he’d better have his facts straight when he addressed the fire engine misappropriation issue.

    What Betty clearly demonstrated to me was that she’s completely incapable of maintaining self-control and proper decorum in the face of public scrutiny, and that the good tax-paying citizens of Poway are losing or have completely lost confidence in her ability to function as an effective, formidable and trusted leader. It matters not what good she accomplished in her 15 years in office, because she has caused such irrecovable harm and tarnished the image to the City of Poway because of her intentional dishonorable acts and severe breach of the public’s trust. Her immature tantrum-like behavior in that meeting was absolutely despicable. What concerns me is that her continued presence as a functioning council member will continue to deepen the psychological wound among Poway’s citizenry, and erode the effectiveness of the rest of the council because she won’t voluntarily resign. Sounds like both she and her husband have severe anger management issues. They need to leave Poway and live in a remote area where neighbors aren’t anywhere near them!

  8. It is very sad that while the Rexfords mourn their only son’s death any thinking person would understand the severe stress they are under. It should be expected and understood that it is extremely difficult to maintain an even keel and lead such a public life. That so many horrible people would jump at the chance to bait, and harass, the Rexfords, at this time in order to embarras them and humiliate them in public. I witnessed the particular council meeting that erroneously reported Rexford as losing control. How cold and abusive that statement by Dawg. There is little excuse for low lifes such as Dawg to come crawling out from the woodwork in order to gain what they perceive as their moment of fame.

  9. Hey, Grace, if I wanted a “moment of fame”, as you frame it, I wouldn’t be here on this pseudo-covert blog expressing my displeasure at Rexford’s behavior….rather I’d be standing on the street corner, holding a big placard sandwich board with my anti-Rexford messages all over it. I should consider the source when you accuse me of being “cold and abusive” in my statement. Just because you disagree with my position doesn’t make a person “cold and abusive”. It’s your inalienable right to disagree with others, but please learn the difference between disagreeing and calling them names. I know…that might be a bit much for someone of your limited intellect to digest and analyze, but please give it a try….okay?

    About Rexford losing control, if you actually attended the meeting (as you purport), then there’s no question that you also eye-witnessed the very same Mrs. Rexford’s tirade along with the 50 or so attendees. There was nothing “erroneous” about her child-like, immature behavior that night, so who, specifically, are you accusing of “erroneously” reporting this part of the meeting?

    About her son’s passing, no one can control the timing of the unfortunate loss of loved ones, but one thing that elected officials can control is their conduct and integrity. With that said, please don’t try to minimalize the seriousness of Rexford’s behavior and misconduct by giving her a freak’n hall pass just because her son died! She is still to be held accountable, regardless. At the end of the day, there’s no reprieve for the guilty, no matter the timing of a family member’s death.

    In conclusion, please stop drinking the Rexford-flavored Kool-Aid, stop making excuses and quit protecting your friend, Rexford. She only has herself to blame for her humiliation and embarrassment because in the end, she was the only person who could’ve prevented her egregious conduct and breach of public trust. She’s unfit for public office and doesn’t belong on the Council. Anyone with an ounce of personal integrity and honor would resign their post now. However, it is abundantly clear that Rexford lacks either of these character traits…..even more reason why she needs to resign.

  10. Liam Dillon at Voice of SD links to SDRostra on the Rexford story (see last mention)…

    Good form to note the source, when a reporter is aware of a story as a result. Voice does so regularly; the U-T…not so much. In its report on Rexford, the North County Times noted Rostra as “in published accounts” or something similar.

    The mainstream media really dislikes having to credit the alt media!

    I would encourage all bloggers to cite the source (and link to it) when publishing or referencing other news sources, as Voice has done here.


  11. Now I just found out that Betty Rexford could have kept the city from paying the plaintiffs $400.000 by just resigning. Both parties involved in the lawsuit had agreed that if she stepped down they would drop the case, but in her arrogance she decided to go forward and not resign. It would have been the right thing for her to do but greed is king i guess.

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