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Four years after surviving a crowded primary, then trouncing incumbent Mike Aguirre in the run-off, San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith will seek re-election in 2012.

The Goldsmith announcement is not quite the story it was four years ago, admittedly, but newsworthy nonetheless, considering that until now he has made no definitive comment he would run again.  Since taking office, there has been much conjecture about Goldsmith’s intent to run for a second term, but he confirmed with me today he will indeed file the required campaign paperwork tomorrow.  He further noted he is planning an official campaign kickoff for September.

Some Analysis

Goldsmith’s re-election effort is anticipated to be a lot quieter than the 2008 campaign against the bombastic Aguirre (which went down as one of the most closely watched local elections in recent history).  Without getting into great detail, it’s safe to say that Goldsmith’s tenure at the reins of the counsel’s office has been significantly quieter than that of his predecessor.  Goldsmith does his job without seeking daily attention or injecting himself uninvited into the policy-making decisions of the mayor and city council (see a sampling of his press releases and statements here).

The local Republican Party — which endorsed Goldsmith in 2008 and strongly supported him in both the primary and run-off elections — will undoubtedly do so again.  It will be an uphill battle for anyone getting in a race against him, with those of every political stripe pleased with Goldsmith’s leadership style, especially given the not-so-distant memory of of a city attorney past.

With voters deciding on a new mayor in 2012, they will also likely seek some semblance of stability at City Hall in other offices.  That’s what Goldsmith promised to bring in 2008.  It will be difficult for anyone to credibly claim Goldsmith hasn’t delivered.


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  1. You read this breaking news FIRST here on SD Rostra.

    Now let’s see if the * MSM * types acknowledge that fact, or if they play, “Let’s Pretend” instead.

    Note the time stamp above: 2:30 pm on July 7.

  2. Labor can’t be happy. Goldsmith has been treating them like a pinata. Do they put up someone, at least a straw man? We know POA sues on everything and would love a lawyer of their choice in the position.

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