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From San Diego mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher

A little over a month ago, I launched my campaign to be the next Mayor of San Diego. Surrounded by hundreds of friends and supporters, I pledged to bring a new approach and new generation of leadership to San Diego.  The energy of the announcement continued throughout the first month of the campaign.

At the end of July we will file our official campaign finance reports and publicly release our totals, but many of you have asked and I wanted to share with my earliest financial supporters the good news.

Our internal campaign goal was to raise $100,000 in June.

We shattered this goal and in just 25 days in June, we raised well over $300,000.

While we have a broad base of support, it was great to see that three quarters of our contributions came from the San Diego area.  Additionally, our total isn’t “padded” with money loaned, contributed personally (above $500 limit), or transferred from other political accounts.

This start gives us a great foundation to build upon, but we have a lot of work left to do.  We are busy scheduling small fundraising events over the course of the next six months.

I wanted to ask if you would consider hosting one at your home or office.

If you would like to host an event please call Anne at 619-787-7187 or email anne@nathanfletcher.com today.

We are just getting started and I am excited about our campaign.  Thank you for your amazing support in our first month!

We are off to a great start.

Semper Fi,

PS. We still need your help! Please call Anne at 619-787-1787 for information on how you can host a small fundraising event at your home or office!

The twittersphere came alive with the news, some of it comical (just to be clear, to those intent on using a tweet as a WMD), after @barryjantz tweeted the above link…

@LorenaSGonzalez — @barryjantz @dillonliam Holy Crap. Think @sdcitybeat will start dating him again?

@drolland — @LorenaSGonzalez @barryjantz @dillonliam He could take us out to a lot of nice dinners with that kind of money.

@drolland — @LorenaSGonzalez @barryjantz @dillonliam … or buy a lot of big print campaign ads. :^)

@erica_holloway — @LorenaSGonzalez @barryjantz That’s 600 people maxing out! Wow.

@pecooper — @barryjantz If $100k “strong” and $200k “shining star”, what do you call well over $300k???? besides unheard of….

@barryjantz — @pecooper $300k is the rest of the EW&F lyric, paraphrased: “Shining star for you to see, what fundraising can truly be.”

@JobNelson — @pecooper @barryjantz and over 3 quarters from inside San Diego…alot of folks speculated most of his money from outside

@JobNelson — @erica_holloway @pecooper @barryjantz The clue should have been announcement of business leaders endorsements…not the usual suspects

Voice of San Diego’s Liam Dillon had a story posted quickly. Read it here.

What’s your reaction? Will Carl DeMaio or Bonnie Dumanis be in the ballpark?


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  1. I believe Job Nelson isn’t even close in his assessment. 75% of donors, NOT cash from SD. Explains the big push for low $ donations last few days before the deadline.

  2. Mike,

    Low $ donors can be hit back up for more money throughout the course of the campaign. Which is important in this race. $50 could mean $250-500 over the course of the campaign

    I think its a hard sell to undercut the 75% of donors being in SD fact.

  3. I’m sure all those $5 contributions he spent the last two days personally asking for will bring in tons of money in repeat donations.

    $5 x 11 months = $55!

    There is a difference between twisting arms to pad a list and racking up real repeat donors. One is organic and the other is astroturf.

    I agree with Mike. The real question is how the money breaks down, not the donors. 200 people giving token donations only proves that you have at least 200 votes. Plus, everyone knows that where your big money comes from indicates who you’ll be answering to.

  4. “I think its a hard sell to undercut the 75% of donors being in SD fact.”

    – No its not, especially when it’s in the “San Diego area”. That means that his city donations are substantially less so it doesn’t even indicate electoral support.

    – Since these are “donors” and not “donations” as Mike indicated, I bet his actual donations are more like 50-60%.

    “OK, Job” is right…it is clear who Fletcher is beholden to.

  5. His number is really only important in relation to the other two Republicans. If he’s only marginally ahead in $$ of either one, it’s not a major victory for Fletcher IMO.

    He needed a strong $ number more than the other two. If Bonnie and/or Carl raised over 200K, then they did EXTREMELY well.

  6. Bill,

    That was pretty nice spin. Are you saying that a current Assembly Member who has never run a city-wide race should be able to raise more money than the current District Attorney who can claim support of the Downtown establishment as well as endorsements from a popular incumbent Mayor and the also popular current and former Sheriffs?

    I could even argue that DeMaio, considering all the press surrounding the state of the City’s pension and the fact that he is almost literally throwing a fundraiser every night, should also be expected to raise more money than Fletcher.

  7. 1) $300K is an impressive number. Actually REALLY impressive.

    2) Unknown is disaggregating (and even how one would ) Nathan from the “Wilson-machine”. It is crystal clear that PW’s ties continue to run deep. Ditto Tom S’s.

    3) I really think the horse race between Nathan and Carl is overblown. Just isn’t clear to me that folks are going to give (or not give) to Carl for “strategic” reasons. At least at the events I have been to (see below) the attendees are not dominated by the usual DT crowd that looks at politics in a very strategic and dispassionate way.

    4) Bonnie however, needs to show big. Not 300K big but she better be above 150 or else the “establishment” is going to start wondering “Is her heart in it” and “We are not sure she can fundraise”.

    5) Filner – who cares. He will be in the run off so he is just hoping for nastiness on the Right.

    Fair disclosure – I contributed and will contribute more to Carl. I figure if I am going to pontificate about the race I should provide the same openness I expect when it comes to reading about stock picks from analysts.

  8. He raised all that money and Fletcher is the only one in the race with an NRA rating of “A”. Just saying.

  9. Filner is an “F”.

    Mr. DeMario and Ms. Dumanis are not yet rated.

    It is probably very important to point out that Ms. Dumanis signed on to an amicus brief in the landmark Second Amendment case Heller vs. D.C. in which she stated that the right to keep and bear arms is not an individual right. This radical opinion is contrary to facts, history, law, and the opinions of all 9 Supreme Court justices who stated in both the majority and dissenting opinions that it is in fact an individual right.

    Also, you can view all NRA research by joining the NRA for only $25 at nra.org. Most effective $25 you’ll ever spend.

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