Breaking: Carl DeMaio says he won’t run against Hunter

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Although Carl DeMaio paid his filing fee earlier this week to run for the 50th Congressional District, he hasn’t yet filed. Today is the deadline, 5 p.m.

According to an email this afternoon, he’s out…

As you know, I’ve spent the last few weeks listening to supporters who wanted me to run for US Congress – and I want to share my decision with you.

While I, too, am frustrated with the lack of results and the double-standards for Washington politicians, I believe the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative campaign and our plans for subsequent reform initiatives in California are so much more important.

Gov. Jerry Brown and his cronies were elated that I might get distracted by a run for Congress and the millions they’ve raised for their campaign to fool voters on the gas tax would be unanswered. Well, I have some bad news for them: I plan to ask everyone who pledged to my race for US Congress to instead contribute to the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative.

Will you join me in doubling-down on the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative by contributing today?

The Gas Tax Repeal Initiative is on track to qualify in the next few weeks, but we absolutely must be ready to launch the campaign to get the repeal measure passed in November.

And we won’t stop there! With the success of the Gas Tax Repeal, we will then launch two new reform initiatives in California for 2010 focused on repealing the Sanctuary State law and reforming government pension abuses.

Someone needs to hold these politicians accountable and lead these outside citizen initiative efforts to impose reform from the outside. I hope you will join me in this endeavor!


Carl DeMaio
Reform California – Gas Tax Repeal Initiative


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