Does KOGO need to let Carl DeMaio go?

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Voice of San Diego posed the obvious question when KOGO radio show host Carl DeMaio pulled papers to run for the 50th Congressional District:

State Senator Joel Anderson weighs in to us: “It would be inappropriate for KOGO to continue Carl’s radio show without offering equal time to the other candidates.” DeMaio responded: “I am not a candidate at this time and have until Friday to decide whether to submit my papers.”

However, legal sources tell SD Rostra that might not be the case and are calling on KOGO to do the right thing. The station also has to stay clear of any problems with the FCC.

FCC rules state all candidates much be given equal air time. In this case, the matter may also fall under corporate contribution limitations.

Admin correction: The original post above noted that KOGO’s Cliff Albert was being call on to address the DeMaio issue. As the news director, Albert oversees the news staff and news programming. The talk show hosts report to KOGO Program Director Brian Long.


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  1. I disagree. Until he gives the official word and abides and follows the rules in accordance with deadlines and announcing he has every right to continue his show.

    That said, he could make a daily announcement at the start of the show that he will not be discussing the issue and move on with the show. I’m with Carl DeMaio. I have nothing against Duncan Hunter but he’s squandered his opportunity but he has every right to run for re-election as Carl and Mr. Wells do in seeking the nomination as well.

    The truth here is that I would hope that the local GOP party would hold off endorsement until the Hunter debacle gets resolved. I’m a “newbie,” so for all I know he may already have the party endorsement and backing which puts them in a pickle.

  2. The GOP endorsing Hunter is bad policy and bad politics. Arguably the GOP now appears okay with Hunter’s transgressions. Democrats LOVE the endorsement!!

    Hunter’s odd “missteps” are not “alleged” any more. It’s clear the Hunter has REPEATEDLY violated Congressional and federal spending law.

    The GOP knew this, and yet endorsed him simply because he is the incumbent. They did so before knowing who his opponents were, an endorsement policy I personally try to avoid until all the candidates have officially filed.

    The GOP has enough problems winning elections without allowing incumbent loyalty to trump common sense.

    BTW, the GOP obsession with “illegals” including anchor babies dooms the party to ever-smaller minority status in California. Sure, the GOP will still elect some representatives in conservative white enclaves — but those enclaves are shrinking, with the GOP losing sway in the more moderate coastal areas that USED to lean GOP.

    My prediction for November? The GOP in California (and across much of the nation) is going to suffer major setbacks at every election level.

    In spite of the incredible sexual harassment scandal in our Sacramento legislature that is 97%+ Democrat, after November the two CA state legislatures will have Democrat, veto-proof, supermajorities. Comfortable supermajorities.

    But then, I’ve been wrong before. I hope I’m wrong again. I doubt it.

  3. Del Pilar has it right. Until DeMaio is an official candidate, he doesn’t have to step down from his KOGO job. Carl knows full well that he is more closely monitored by Democrats than perhaps any GOP candidate in California. He would not make such a misstep.

    But from a practical standpoint, Carl should avoid discussing his upcoming race (IF he runs – still not a certainty) while on the air at KOGO.

    BTW, this “equal time” radio and TV provision has kept me from running for one of the school district offices this year. I’d LOVE to tackle education issues in a political race, but to do so would probably preclude me doing media appearances concerning the flood of awful propositions that will be on the ballot this November. And the propositions constitute the last important CA battleground for limited government advocates. Bad things are coming.

  4. Thank you Thor’s Assistant. I’m enjoying the site and learning more about local politics.

  5. Carl, your interview with Mr Hall (I think) missed an important issue & that its a big lie when a paper avoids stories that I must turn to you or Rush to get the real truth. Thanks !!!

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