Betty Rexford Changes Party Registration in an Attempt to Avoid the Party

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It’s her Party, she can leave if she wants to.

If you’re Councilwoman Betty Rexford, facing recall in Poway for a littany of wrongs (see all the related SD Rostra posts), and you want to avoid or at least avert a weeks-long standing invitation by the local GOP to attend a meeting to give your side of things, what do you do?

Well, if you’re simple-minded (politically speaking, of course), you might think that if you’re no longer a Republican, then the Party won’t be interested anymore in potentially getting involved in your recall election.  Uhhh, you’d be wrong.

You have it in writing here first, although I did announce it on KOGO AM-600 with Chris Reed at the top of the six o’clock hour…

A Republican since at least 1993, Rexford marched into the Registrar of Voters last Friday and switched her registration to Decline-to-State, in an apparent attempt to avoid the local GOP supporting a recall of one of their own, or at least so she wouldn’t have to attend tonight’s Executive Committee meeting…no longer being a Republican and all.

Attached is the new registration form (the signature is whited out by law…I assure you it’s real).

Betty is a laugh a minute.

More to follow.

Update 7:55 pm:  Refer to the comments below to see the action by the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of San Diego County tonight.  The only thing changing her registration achieved was that the GOP was no longer obligated to try to ensure Rexford had every chance to attend the meeting…no longer being a Republican and all. 


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  1. Here’s an update to your breaking news – the SD County Republican Party Executive Committee voted a short time ago to REBUKE Rexford for her actions when she was still a Republican; to call on her to RESIGN; and to recommend that their Central Committee endorse the RECALL. The Central Committee will vote on supporting the recall one week from tonight.


  2. It seems several Republicans are shaming our party with inexplicably self-serving and likely illegal activity. Our county party leaders rightly have taken proactive measures to shine our tarnished brand. I am not a kool-aid drinker, but this evening raise my glass, brimming with the Republican elixir, after last month’s vote and in anticipation of this month’s. Well done, fellow partisans. I am proud to stand with you.

  3. No, Steve (head dirty trickster) Vaus – You are wrong, as usual. On Tuesday, Nov 2nd when the Party Executive Committee voted to rebuke Betty Rexford she was no longer a registered Republican. She filed a change of party on Friday, Oct 30th 2009.

    I can’t blame her for dumping the Republican label. The Republican party has beome so offensive and insulting that anyone carrying that label can no longer hold their heads up high.

    BRAVO !!! Mrs. Rexford, you go girl !!!!

    A representative of the SD County Republican Party has been hounding Mrs. Rexford to resign. He, or they, are so enthused by Merrilee Boyack’s choice of a replacement. The party is detrmined to see that Mrs. Rexford’s seat is filled by a Republican. And, they are positive that Republican Merrilee Boyack will be the next Mayor.
    Of course these local council people will then then be promoted by the SD Republican Party to move on up to higher offices.

    Is this skulduggery the only way the GOP can make a comeback.

    Is anyone confused that city councils are supposed to be nonpartisan?

  4. Betty, (aka “adyl”, or “ydal” or whatever anagram you want to use for “Lady” – a term I use very loosely)

    Your claim that you can’t be “rebuked” by the GOP of the 2nd because you filed the registration form on the 30th is a bunch of baloney! You knew this was coming. Just because you “turned tail and ran” doesn’t mean that the party you once belonged to still can’t give you a slap on the wrist. My personal opinion is that they should have been a lot harder on you sooner. If they had, maybe you wouldn’t be in this mess. The rumblings that you were going to get talked to were out there for some time. I’m a registered democrat (with republican leanings) and I heard about it.

    The party you belong to (or now in your case, don’t belong to) shouldn’t matter. What does matter is the you should be doing what is right for the voters and people that you represent. Betty, you’ve been representing yourself and a few select individuals for some time now. The masses (aka the voters) are tired of the way government is being run. (Pay attention, the rest of you politicos) We’re tired of the special treatment for the select few and are tired of our tax money being spent needlessly. We understand that it needs to be spent for upkeep of streets, paying for police, fire, and other necessary services. But we are sick and tired of paying for things that only effect a few. (Or for lawsuits that end up costing half a million dollars)

    You have made several mistakes during your tenure as a councilperson and you were caught with your hand in the cookie jar. You lost sight of what was right and overstepped your authority. Now it’s time for you to be an adult and step down.
    You keep saying that you’re going to hold a press conference to tell your side of the story. Well, it’s been about a month and we’re still waiting for your side. You claim that you’ve done nothing wrong and that nothing was proven. As the saying goes, “That dog won’t just won’t hunt.” Why did you settle your portion of the lawsuit? Why didn’t you take it to court and have your say? Just because the City settled didn’t mean that you had to. Because you know you’re in the wrong and that it would have cost you a lot more than $40,000.

    Bottom line is all this has been said before. You have chosen to ignore it and you’re not going to go quietly, with some dignity. You’re going to have to be dragged out of your council seat, kicking and screaming like a spoiled child. You’ll be pointing fingers at others, blaming them and saying it wasn’t your fault. And sadly, it’s going to cost the tax payers another $24,000 to do it. I only wish there was some edict that would require you to pay the money back when the recall does go through.

    Keep up the good work, Steve.



    PS – Some will whine about the fact that I didn’t use my real name. There is some truth about “career suicide.” As someone who is employed by the City of Poway, I’m well aware of the rule that employees are being told not to say anything while working.

  5. Adyl, yes, as the post clearly states, you…I mean Betty…was no longer a Republican as of Friday.

  6. Sorry snerd, you are wrong also. I am not Betty Rexford. If you are a City of Poway employee, as I am, then you know, the lawsuit ‘s primary target was the City of Poway because of all the mistakes made by employees.

    I watched all this coming down from behind the scenes. Betty Rexford was the easy target for the City to make sure the finger would point away from the real culprits. I have sincere sadness in my heart for Mrs. Rexford.

    It wasn’t Mrs. Rexfords choice to settle the claim against her. It’s public record that someone else signed off on that (against her wishes). Oh, she could open her part of the suit against the Connors and Basiles but that, again, would take years and probably 10s of thousands of dollars. Just better to put that behind her — except for the drooling jackals like you who have joined the pack to attack and want to keep the farce alive. You and others just can’t face the fact that there are others you should look to when venting your anger. But then that was the whole purpose in getting the City finger to point away from the guilty.

  7. adyl – you are a piece of work.

    You say it wasn’t Rexford’s (your) choice to settle the claim. But you/Rexford signed off on both settlements.

    You/Rexford have said countless times that you wished it had gone to trial – but now you/rexford say it would have taken years and tens of thousands of dollars. You/Rexford might not know this but most people (at least honest ones) would agree that’s a small price to pay to clear your name – unless of course you are guilty.

    Finally, your bashing of the Republican Party is disingenuous. Three days before you/Rexford were to have appeared to defend yourself you/Rexford suddenly decided the party you’ve been part of for nearly two decades is “offensive and insulting”?? Coincidence? I think not.

    Steve Vaus

  8. adyl,

    Sorry, you are wrong. The primary target of the lawsuit was the City of Poway because Betty Rexford used her position to influence city employees. This is an ILLEGAL ACTION. Is it really that difficult to understand?

    Astonishingly you defend Betty for settling with the Plaintiffs because it would have cost “probably 10s of thousands of dollars”. This is precisely the reason the City of Poway decided to settle. And yet you say Betty didn’t agree with this action. Somehow this is not surprising. Betty wants to protect her money but cares nothing for the residents of Poway and their money. Why not continue to bleed them?

    Thank you for giving me yet another reason to work for the recall effort.

    And thank you, Steve, for your leadership in this effort. I am proud to stand with you.

  9. Adyl

    Having been employed by the City for about 20 years, I’m well aware of the “others that should be looked at.” Some unfortunately are not elected officials and, as such, there is not a lot that can be done to remove them from the equation at this point. Those that are elected are the ones that have to be removed in order to make the changes that are needed. Betty isn’t the only elected person that, in my humble opinion, needs to be given walking papers. But we’ve got to start somewhere.

    As for the settlement of the lawsuit being against Betty’s wishes, again, “that dog just won’t hunt.” If you are one of the named parties involved in a lawsuit, I find it difficult to believe that someone else would be able to settle your portion of it without your consent. Is Betty just some puppet who is easily manipulated by someone else in regards to something that will affect her financially and/or her reputation? If so, then she really does need to step down. I know that I don’t want her making decisions in regards to the City, and ultimately, how my taxes are spent. If she IS that easily influenced, then she has no business in city government or politics at all.

    As to your statement that the lawsuits primary target was the City because of mistakes made by employees, you’re a little off base on that one. The reason that the City was named was for two reasons. The first being that, yes, City employees did make mistakes. They lacked the backbone to stand up to Queen B. They should have told her to politely “pound sand” and that she was overstepping her authority. And as a result of those mistakes brings the second reason. Let’s all say it together now – “Deep Pockets”. Betty’s not rich (I’ve seen her property) and, let’s face it, to prove our point that we were wronged, we want lots of the green stuff to sooth our pains.

    Believe it or not, I too have some sincere sadness for Betty. I voted for her originally and for her re-election the second time. She did a lot of good for the City. But she has lost sight of what she was elected to do, as have other council members. It really is too late for Betty to change. I wonder if the other elected members realize that they need to make changes as well.

    I might even agree with you if it weren’t for some of Betty’s own statements. In her statement to the Pomerado Newspaper Group on Aug. 29, she says that “the attorney litigating on behalf of the City has told me that there was no evidence presented to establish that I was at fault.” She also says that “the attorney representing the City recommendation was that the cased be tried so that I and the other defendants including the City would be exonerated.” I find it very difficult to believe that the City Council would choose to settle a lawsuit when the attorney they hired told them it should go to trial so they could be exonerated. And what about the statements that there was nothing in the depositions that indicated that she influenced any city employees. So, according to Betty, all those city employees all got together with the Cannon’s and Basile’s so they could get their lies straight? I’ve read some of the depositions and I find it very difficult to believe they all got together; the employees, the city manager, the rest of the city council, the Cannon’s and the Basile’s, just so they could make Betty the scapegoat??

    If you believe that Betty didn’t do anything wrong, that’s fine. I happen to believe otherwise and will do whatever is possible to make this recall happen. If the recall happens, then the voters of Poway will have to make up their minds as to whether or not Betty should go. If they do or they don’t, that is want our country is founded on. And that is how we make changes for the better. If it doesn’t happen, then maybe we deserve to have the politicians we have.


  10. Post

    If a lawsuit is filed against a city based in part on the actions of a member of the council, it would be commonplace for the balance of the council to take up the matter in closed session and give direction to the city attorney and/or settle the case. The named councilmember would have a clear conflict and would need to recuse him/herself from the closed session and decision.

    So, of course, when it comes to the claim above that it was not “Mrs. Rexford’s choice to settle the claim against her. It’s public record that someone else signed off on that (against her wishes),” well, uhhhh, yeah.


  11. In from the GOP….

    Republican Party Rebukes Councilwoman Rexford and Joins in Calls for Resignation

    SAN DIEGO – Drawing a line in the sand as to what is acceptable conduct for a Republican elected official, last night the Republican Party of San Diego County formally rebuked Poway councilwoman Betty Rexford for her recent misconduct, and joined with her fellow councilmembers in calling for her to resign her office.

    “We have been keeping an eye on the situation in Poway for some time, and asked councilwoman Rexford to meet with our executive committee to tell her side of the story. Instead of accepting, last Friday she decided to switch her party affiliation to decline-to-state in an attempt to avoid the issue,” said Chairman Tony Krvaric.

    “Abusing the power of one’s office is not acceptable conduct for a Republican elected official and we are not beyond calling out ‘our own’ when that is the right thing to do. Looking the other way and defending the indefensible may be acceptable in the Democratic Party, but we will have none of it,” continued Krvaric.”

    At this point, the only remaining honorable thing for councilwoman Rexford to do is to resign her office effective immediately. As a Party, we look forward to electing honorable Republicans in Poway in 2010 who will represent the residents of Poway well and place their needs and concerns first and foremost,” Krvaric concluded.

    Note: The Republican Party of San Diego County will vote on whether to formally endorse the recall effort of Councilwoman Rexford at its next scheduled meeting on Monday, November 9th beginning at 7 PM at the Town & Country Hotel and Resort in Mission Valley.


  12. Recall (With an election as part of it) or Betty resignation then an election. The citizens of Poway need to choose their next Council member NOT let the City Council choose who they can all best get along with. Let the people that want to serve, WALK and TALK, not just stand in front of the Council and give them a reason why they would be the best choice for Council. Chuck Cross finished 3rd in the last election for Council, and the Council didn’t feel like he deserved to move forward in the selection process, yet they choose citizens that didn’t take the time to even try to run for election. It is time for a change, but let the citizens, not the Council, decide who is best to serve Poway as a Council member.

  13. When will the “Decline to State” party representative come forward to demand Betty step down? I’m told they’re the fastest growing registration in the County of San Diego.
    Maybe they should demand she change her registration first…

    Is there a party for those kicked out of “Decline to State”?

  14. I’m very appalled at Ms. Rexford’s abuse of the system. Settling out -of-court insinuates that you are guilty; why else would you go ahead and give $495K away just to shut-up the matter? (Why do you even have that much $$ available to do so? Is that pocket-change for you? Must be nice. Taxpayer money by any chance?) & Keeping fire trucks at bay for your Own purposes? How awful! Regardless, Ms. Rexford, apparently there is MUCH controversy over your public position. We don’t need the negative media and attention this situation has brought on! We need to focus on the issues at-hand. If your position is causing so much damage and attention then you, as a Caring and Concerned citizen and representative, should go ahead and STEP DOWN. It seems you are so worried about losing your STATUS and that you DO NOT care about the people. Get over yourself. You’ve been in office since 1993??? Career politician??? Disgusting. Step down now and let our county get on with IMPORTANT matters.

  15. So, Rostra breaks the story on Monday, the UT has it Wednesday, and no reference by the MSM to their sources? Oh, the GOP sent their press release out yesterday so that gives the press cover to imply that’s where they first heard of the info.

  16. Changing party affiliation is a good start Betty. Now how about changing the town in which you live. Not only are you unwelcome to serve the community, you are no longer welcome to stay in Poway.

  17. If it were monetarily worth it, I’d run for City Council. I think the system is just setup wrong from the beginning. How else would we end up with such incompetent boobs sitting at City Hall making important decisions on behalf of citizens.
    There are a lot of VERY INTELLIGENT people in Poway. I would LOVE to see someone with higher intellect decide to contribute their talents and join City Hall.

    Steve Vaus for City Council!!!!!!!!!!?

  18. A small, but funny observation about her registration form. When asked for her “U.S. state of birth” she wrote “Phila, Penna.”

    Phila, presumably Philadelphia, is a city of course, not a state. But, more amusingly, when did the nation go to common two letter state designations? 1964 maybe?

    I suppose that using the old form of “Penna” could be considered a quaint formality — or a sign of being out of touch. Given all of her actions I’d go with the latter.

  19. “Is this skulduggery the only way the GOP can make a comeback.”

    Republican control every branch of the federal government and a majority of most councils in SD County. yes…including Poway

    “Is anyone confused that city councils are supposed to be nonpartisan?”

    They will become non-partisan when council members stop seeking the endorsement of the local parties

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