Beautiful rendition of my ugly “California Is doomed” fact sheet

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Undesignated Leave a Comment


Every so often the California Policy Center takes my turgid, wonky, POORLY formatted “California Is Doomed” fact sheet and converts it into a thing of beauty — reformatted and posted online. The ONLY advantage for my tiny print, narrow-margin Word file is that is squeezed onto a two page handout — a handout that few can bring themselves to read.

THIS CPC online version IS readable.  Not a FUN read, but very readable.  And “shareable.”

It’s been I think a year since CPC has done this with my constantly updating fact sheet, but last week they put up the latest version (see below). Enjoy.

Well, “enjoy” is the wrong word — unless you work in the business development department of just about any other state in America.


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