Anderson leads Vaus in Supervisor’s race fundraising

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Anderson $368,000 vs $164,000 for Vaus

60 percent of Anderson’s contributions come from East County Community vs 32 percent for Vaus.

East County Republican Senator Joel Anderson (Ret.), candidate for San Diego County Supervisor District 2, has $367,910 “cash on hand” according to the July 31, 2019 campaign filing. These funds have been contributed from an astounding 563 donations with 59.87% from East County.

“I have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of our support,” said Anderson. “Our endorsements, volunteers and contributors have shown that voters want to send a message Downtown, and want an East County representative fighting for us,” said Anderson

In contrast Anderson’s opponent, Poway Mayor Vaus, has received contributions from 454 individuals and has only $164,000 “cash on hand” after accounting for debts owed by Vaus according to campaign reports.

Downtown Special Interests represent 68 percent of Vaus contributions.

“His funding and endorsements have come predominantly from downtown business interests with no knowledge or stake in East County,” said Anderson. “What do these Downtown special interests want from him?”



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  1. In Mayor Vaus’s defense, he does have quite a bit of support from the downtown crowd, in western San Diego.

    Unfortunately, what’s good for downtown San Diego, isn’t necessarily what will fit in the east county. For one, this mass transit nonsense that the SANDAG executive director Hasan Ikhrata is pushing through the downtown crowd, and diverting funds from the needs of the east county, for highway improvements to the 52, 67, 15, and other east county freeways. Which have already been approved by east county residents, through taxes to be paid and collected years into the future. These were to happen, to relieve east county commuter traffic congestion, and now, are in extreme jeopardy from happening any time in the near future.

    I mention this, as Mayor Faulconer, one of Vaus’s major endorsers, and part of the downtown crowd, was instrumental in getting Ikhrata appointed.
    “Hasan brings incredible expertise and a new perspective that SANDAG greatly needs,” said San Diego Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer, a SANDAG Board member and a member of the Board subcommittee that led the recruitment effort. “As we tackle our regional goals of developing a modern transportation system, environmental stewardship and a thriving economy, we are fortunate to have someone of Hasan’s caliber at the helm.”
    East county doesn’t need more trolleys and high speed rail, we need our freeways fixed, and I think the downtown crowd has east county’s needs, stuck in the back seat.
    My money is on Anderson.

  2. Joel, quite simply, has the overwhelming support of East County. He is a true conservative, professional, listens to his constituents and always goes the extra mile for us.

  3. Joel Anderson continues to impress.

    On top of his doubling of Vaus’ cash on hand and his long history of successfully serving the constituents of East County, he has a very impressive list of endorsements.

    East County needs someone who is represented by East County, not by the downtown special interests.

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