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From last weekend’s Sunday San Diego at the FlashReport (and slightly adapted)…

My recent selection by the San Diego County Taxpayers Association as a Media Watchdog finalist in the print media category for the October 2010 Flash and SD Rostra story, “Sweetwater Schools Using Public Funds to Promote Ricasa During Re-Election?,” was quite a surprise!  Especially considering how much I get paid for this gig … in comparison to the deserving real journalists from San Diego City Beat, the Union-Tribune and Voice of San Diego on the list (see all the Watchdog finalists here). Thanks to Gayle Falkenthal for her post on the finalists last week at Rostra.

I am truly honored indeed.  My “competitors” turned out some of the most significant political news stories in the San Diego area during the past year.  To be included is truly humbling.

However, what is really being recognized by the Taxpayers Association — and increasingly by a lot of others — is the fact that solid journalism can now be found in many arenas, not only the traditional mainstream media outlets. I consider my inclusion as simply part of the growing respect and recognition that bloggers and citizen journalists are receiving in many walks of life, in most cases out of a pure love and passion for the idea and the “pen.”

Thanks to all of you that make this ongoing experiment in political journalism so rewarding.

I hope to see you tonight at the Golden Watchdog and Fleece awards dinner.  The event always means a truly raucous time!


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