A New Generation of Tax Leadership: Fletcher Receives Lowest HJTA Score Among Republicans in the Assembly

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The Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association (HJTA), California’s premiere taxpayer advocate group, released their 2011 scorecard for members of the California legislature.  Among our local legislators, the score that stands out is Nathan Fletcher.  Fletcher, who’s running for Mayor of San Diego under the slogan “A New Generation of Leadership,” has the lowest score among all Republicans with an overall grade of C.

A low score by HJTA on Fletcher is sure to brand him as the type of Republican who will raise taxes, at least with many Republicans and Independents.  It also provides an interesting contrast with Carl DeMaio, who’s currently leading in most polls according to insiders.  DeMaio was a strong opponent of the Prop D sales tax increase last year and frequently speaks out against tax and fee increases brought before the City.

The third Republican in the mayor’s race, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, has no legislative record on taxes. However, she has refused to answer questions about whether or not she voted for the Prop D sales tax increase.

Here is how other local San Diegan Assembly members scored:

Harkey – A

Garrick – A

Jones – A

Jeffries – A

To see the complete scorecard, please visit: http://hjta.org/legislative/report-cards?sort=desc&order=%25&filter0=2011


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  1. Exactly. He hasn’t. Find me one instance where he has raised taxes.

    The guy took a stand and sided with small business owners and local job creators to cut taxes on small businesses and working families.

    “Currently leading in most polls according to insiders…” lol, ambiguous much? Obvious where your bread is buttered.

  2. Post

    Read the scorecard, it lists what votes were considered. They don’t just make these grades up.

    Fletcher has a poor record on issues important to the state’s most important taxpayer advocacy group, period.

  3. Owen,

    I read the scorecard, but I couldn’t find a list of the 22 bills that were considered. Any help in that regard would be appreciated.

  4. Hi all,

    The following are the 22 bills used by the HJTA for their 2011 scorecard.

    AB 52 Feuer
    AB 101 J. Perez
    AB 438 Williams
    AB 674 Bonilla
    AB 686 Huffman
    AB 724 Bradford
    AB 1019 J. Perez
    AB 1086 Wieckowski
    AB 1338 Hernandez
    ABx40/SB 116 Fuentes/DeLeon
    ACA 6 Gatto
    SB 151 Correa
    SB 154 Wolk
    SB 168 Corbett
    SB 202 Hancock
    SB 214 Wolk
    SB 223 Leno
    SB 423 Wyland
    SB 536 DeSaulnier
    SB 585 Pavley
    SB 922 Negrete McLeod
    SCA 7 Yee

  5. So which ones did Fletch cross HJTA on? That would be a good indicator as to what he will support/oppose as Mayor.

    On a different note, does Owen think that Anderson, Jones or Garrick would have a better shot at Mayor because of their stellar HJTA ratings? They all got As. Personally I don’t think they would stand a chance if they could self fund millions (Steve Francis). Hate to break it to you folks but the “purist” conservative doesn’t win city hall in San Diego. Even the SD Taxpayers Association approves of some taxes in San Diego!

  6. Howard Jarvis is the sharpest group out there when it comes to protecting California Taxpayers’ interest. To contrast that, what group has been the most damaging to Taxpayers? Labor unions. And low and behold, the San Diego Police Officers association has endorsed Fletcher.

    This would be the point where alarm bells should start to go off in most sensible voters’ heads.

    The Fletcher campaign has been bombarding voters with fluffy catch phrases such as “a new generation of leadership” and all kinds of warm campaign slogans. However, he simply doesn’t have the substance to backup his campaign like DeMaio when it comes to financial issues.

  7. Thanks, Thor. I relayed out the original post, so I’ll put out correction to my legions of readers.

    Of course, a B in the GOP ranks is nothing to crow about, but MUCH better than that C grade. If Carl were not running, there’s no doubt I’d be supporting Fletcher — assuming my “disease” did not again flare up, forcing me to be a candidate. I think I cured that addiction.

    My first paragraph demonstrates my delusional state in such matters.

  8. I become worried about any politician who receives an “A” or an “F” from any special interest group. I much prefer an elected official who can think independently, even if that means I won’t agree with every vote.

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