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As I have already made clear, I support the implementation of an independent commission to redraw county supervisorial lines.

The difference between me and Steve Danon, who wrote to the North County Times about this issue, is that he tries to write commentaries that leave out facts in the hopes that you won’t find out what he omitted.

And although I more than welcome debates that revise policies for the better, political posturing in the form of commentaries like his that overlook points of fact, are useless.


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Editor’s Note: This is a part of a collection of stories SDNN will publish throughout the month of March to celebrate Women’s History Month. Join us as we recognize Women’s History Month by checking SDNN every day for stories from other women in our region. Happy Women’s History Month!

San Diego: Margaret Chase Smith (Wikimedia Photo)

Long before Hillary Clinton, there was Margaret Chase Smith.

Though she may not immediately spring to mind, Margaret Chase Smith certainly reigns as one of the 100 most important women in history and one worth remembering during National Women’s History Month.

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Good evening, and welcome to beautiful Irwin M. Jacobs’ Qualcomm Hall.

January 3rd marked the 157th year of County government.

We have accomplished a lot since the first Board of Supervisors rode to meetings by horseback, coach or wagon.

There have been good times and bad but we have always weathered the storm.

 At the very center of today’s storm is the most difficult economy we have faced in decades. It has forced many companies to change the way they do business, and many households to cut back on spending.

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Supervisor Pam Slater-Price: “Our economy is flat and we are still involved in a war on two fronts. Yet while on the campaign trail the President promised to resolve both issues.

“Many citizens voted for President Obama because he promised to get us out of Iraq. McCain, on the other hand, was honest and said there needed to be a legitimate time table for withdrawal. I wonder now if these voters feel betrayed?

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Supervisor Pam Slater-Price

At the first meeting of 2010, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to select me as Chair of the Board and lead the County during what many expect to be a fiscally challenging year for the County of San Diego.

The board also unanimously voted Supervisor Bill Horn, District 5, as Vice Chairman and Supervisor Ron Roberts, District 4, as Chair Pro Tem.

My chairmanship succeeds Supervisor Dianne Jacob, District 2. Supervisor Jacob passed the torch to me in the best shape we could be in given the conditions between a state government in turmoil and declining local tax revenue.


Years ago, parents of teens kept a close eye on the liquor cabinet. Today, it’s the medicine cabinet that should be under lock and key.

Nearly 60 percent of teens say they can get prescription painkillers easily in the home.

Of the many painkillers on the market, OxyContin seems to be a favorite due to its high potency.

OxyContin is a brand name prescription originally created for cancer-type pain. The active ingredient, oxycodone, is a synthetic opiate that gives abusers a heroin-like rush.

The drug can be abused in four ways: crushed and then swallowed, snorted, free-base smoked, or diluted with water and injected.


The Politics of ACORN

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Supervisor Pam Slater-Price

With all the smoke in the air over ACORN, it’s hard to know how big of a fire we’re dealing with right now.

Too many people focused on the theatrics of the videotaped pimp and prostitute story which distracted from the troubling allegations surrounding the organization including voter registration fraud, embezzlement, and illegal use of taxpayer funds.

Locally, my colleagues on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of legislation co-docketed by Supervisor Bill Horn and myself to assist state and local investigators to conduct an inquiry into the voter registration practices of ACORN, or Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. The legislation also requested that an investigation conducted last year be revisited.


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