President Obama’s First Year in Office: Promises, Promises

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Supervisor Pam Slater-Price: “Our economy is flat and we are still involved in a war on two fronts. Yet while on the campaign trail the President promised to resolve both issues.

“Many citizens voted for President Obama because he promised to get us out of Iraq. McCain, on the other hand, was honest and said there needed to be a legitimate time table for withdrawal. I wonder now if these voters feel betrayed?

“With regards to the economy, Federal stimulus money has not trickled down to create jobs to make a serious dent in our economy. Instead, I think the President should have directed the dollars to cities and counties with specific requirements to rebuild sewer and water pipe infrastructure. And the funds should also have been provided to the states to rebuild our aging dams and reservoirs. Most of our nation’s dams are in need of repair. Without rebuilding this important infrastructure we are sitting on disasters just waiting to happen. Directing the stimulus funds to these important construction projects would have created hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

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