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  1. Usually these type of hit pieces list a citation for the claims being made. I didn’t see any on this piece. Where did the Zapf campaign come up with these allegations?

  2. HQ…sadly, the estab GOP doesn’t either vet nor verify much once their “guy/gal” have been anointed. Nowhere is this more evident than the virtual silence and some remarkable push back from full-throated DeMaio supporters regarding his copyright theft from the National Journal. (richard Grennel, a DeMaio consultant, out right denied DeMaio’s plagerism on twitter, claiming when it was brought up he said it was just “left’ wing” propaganda, and “if you believe that, then that’s wrong…blah, blah..) Pathetic!

    If he were not the hood ornament for the Neo-Cultural Stalinists, he would have been run out on rails. Hell, even one of his most staunch supporters who frequests this site found out the hard way when DeMaio used his name without his permission to ghost email responses slandering Jorgensen. He is in full propaganda mode even after he personally was used by DeMaio, and his candidate was caught red-handed for about “truth..” hogwash!

    The rules are bent and broken by this GOP, then they cry foul when any one challenging them, from the left or right, opposes their tactics and crafting of the facts. .

  3. T.A. is correct. The content of this mailer is the sole responsibility of Lorie Zapf and her campaign.

  4. FF,
    What is a “hood ornament for the Neo-Cultural Stalinists” ?
    Can you educate me using plain English please?

  5. TA-HQ…My gist on the “piece” is that the party should be ensuring the people it is endorsing and in some cases, funding and assisting, are playing by the rules..hence the GOP, in the case of this flyer, it may very well be the work of a PAC (can “PACs” operate at the municipal level?? Don’t know) ..but even something as boiler plate as campaign signs is very squishy and you can see the improper size and placement of said signs throughout the County …and there appears to be virtually no oversight on this.

    RRG- = Carl DeMaio…many have been vilified by GOP insiders and enablers for opposing DeMaio on his views with the ad hominem attacks of “homophobia” ..this is indicative of what the Bolsheviks did to political opposition when it disagreed or acted in contrast to the Party. If Carl were not their selected endorsee, he would have received much greater scrutiny on the revealed plagiarism charges brought forth by the National Journal.

  6. FF,

    The piece was paid for by “Lorie Zapf for City Council 2014.”. This one is clearly the responsibility of the candidate alone and, much like DeMaoi’s plagiarism issues, makes me question the candidate’s integrity.

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