Yes on A Gets Local, National Attention

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Not too often that you see a local proposition garner national media attention, but that’s just what the Yes on A camp snagged last week following a feisty debate on KPBS’s “These Days.”

For starters, Construction for Fair Employment in Construction’s Eric Christen went toe-to-toe with Lorena Gonzalez, secretary-treasurer / CEO of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council on last week’s “These Days,” which drew 18 lengthy comments online. A poll on KPBS’s site today showed the proposition getting 65 percent of the yes vote compared to 34 percent.

The next day, a full-feature story in the New York Times delved into the issue focusing on Proposition A: Taking a Vote on Union Construction. Soon after, Fox News called the campaign to arrange an interview with Associate Builders and Contractors’ Scott Crosby on Neil Cavuto’s show.

It’s the final stretch just two weeks left before Election Day. Be sure you’re registered to vote – today’s the deadline!

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