WWFD? What Would Fletcher Do?

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In the back and forth over Assemblyman and mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher’s post Let’s be honest. Let’s be truthful. And let’s be direct., Rostrafarian Steve Rider posted an honest, truthful and direct question about this “leading by example” business.

This brings up an interesting question. One can only assume that on the off chance CPR is defeated either in the ballots or courts, DeMaio will turn down a pension as mayor as he did as a Councilmember. I know for a fact that Ray Ellis and Scott Sherman have also pledged to not accept a pension. If a pension were available to you (Fletcher) as the mayor, would you accept it?

For the record, Councilmembers Lorie Zapf and Kevin Faulconer have also turned down a pension from the City of San Diego.

Full Disclosure: In the June primary, Carl DeMaio has my support. In the November general election, whoever is not Bob Filner has my support.


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  1. Rider’s post went further. The benefits Fletcher claims he gave up in his post were imposed on him by a Commission two years after taking office, he didn’t give them up.

    Not very honest or direct by Fletcher IMO.

  2. FYI – I erroneously left off Mark Kersey in my previous posts. All 3 GOP Council Candidates are following DeMaio’s lead of voluntarily refusing a pension.

  3. I posted this under the direct question, but will post again here: Nathan stated months ago that he would take no pension as mayor.

  4. Additionally, Sherman, DeMaio, and Kersey signed the “Promise to California Taxpayers”, pledging to :

    1-oppose any and all efforts to increase marginal tax rates for individuals and/or businesses,
    2-oppose any and all efforts to amend and/or repeal Proposition 13, 3-oppose any and all efforts to increase the taxpayers’ contribution to public employee retirement plans, and
    4-oppose all net reduction and elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.

  5. Nathan said months ago he would refuse his pension. Ask Nathan a question and you get an answer — pretty simple.

    Compare that approach to the list of questions DeMaio refuses to answer:

    1. Has he met with city hall insiders and lobbyist behind closed doors? Yes or No.

    2. Did he refuse to take a 6% pay cut and give his staff raises at a time he was imposing pay cuts and salary freezes on city employees? Yes or No.

    3. Since DeMaio’s campaign has made it an issue, how would DeMaio have voted differently than Nathan with regard to the Capitol Family Resource Impact scorecard?

    4. Why does DeMaio continue dodging debates?

    If he can’t answer these questions then he’s hiding something. Specifically on question #3, if he won’t answer it, you can assume his score would be lower than Nathan’s.

    Voters are going to learn that DeMaio isn’t the taxpayer watchdog he says he is — his bark is much louder than his bite!

  6. Oh, Amy Thoma.

    The esteemed communications director. I don’t know where you got your training, but perhaps it’s time to brush up.

    “1. Has he met with city hall insiders and lobbyist behind closed doors? Yes or No.”

    Those who live in glass houses… Remember your boss’s midnight deal to save redevelopment? That was at midnight AND behind closed doors.

    Too bad through all your efforts to raise name I.D. you couldn’t have helped engineer another midnight deal. Seems to be the only thing he’s gotten any traction on.

  7. TWM
    Maybe Amy Thoma has out done herself by reminding people of the appropriate moniker, “Midnight Nate.”

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