Why Ted Cruz Is The Rightful Heir To Lead The Ron Paul Liberty Movement

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I first learned about Senator Ted Cruz on Facebook.  A lady I with whom I was connected, from the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, volunteered on Ted’s Texas Senate race.  Not long thereafter, the Republican Liberty Caucus endorsed Ted’s Senate Race as well as Senator Rand Paul and, the champion of the Constitution, Congressman Ron Paul.  In May, 2012, Ron and Rand traveled to Austin TX to campaign for Ted Cruz for Senate.

I donated 25 bucks to this Ted guy because of his liberty movement credentials:  The RLC,Young Americans for Liberty, RonPaul,  Mike Lee, and Rand Paul were worthy endorsements and the idea that Ted could “Unite the Right” appealed to me:

Cruz has been endorsed by Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, George Will, Mark Levin, Jim DeMint, James Dobson, Sean Hannity, Ron Paul, FreedomWorks, the Club for Growth, the Tea Party Express and countless prominent conservative individuals and groups. No other Senate primary candidate in the country has come close to securing such an impressive breadth of endorsements.

Instead of fighting amongst each other, it would behoove right-wing activists to unite around candidates like Cruz as they face big-government opponents within their own party. We conservatives must arm our movement with a House and a Senate willing to stand up to a big-spending president regardless of his partisan affiliation. Ted Cruz is a man I’m confident will join brilliant elected officials like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Tom Coburn, Jim DeMint and Justin Amash in that fight — a fight crucial to putting America back on the road to fiscal sanity and economic prosperity.

Ted Cruz was a candidate who could unite the fractured, grass roots movement conservatives, appeal to libertarians, and stand for tea party principles in an articulate manner.  Of course, I expected him to moderate once he got to DC like Jeff Flake, Pat Toomey, and Jason Chaffetz.  Boy was I wrong.

My title may rub some people the wrong way but hear me out–no member of Congress, since 2012, has taken the lead in more principled stands, against big government, than Senator Ted Cruz.  It’s made him unpopular among Democrats but equally as unpopular among 20th Century Republican legacy Congressmen.  Cruz led the fight to defund Obamacare, protect internet freedom, oppose Iran’s state sponsorship, defund Planned Parenthood, and defend the Second Amendment.  He is the only Presidential candidate to propose complete abolition of the IRS and one of two talking about auditing the Federal Reserve Bank.

Leading principled fights, regardless of whom he upsets in DC.  That sounds like Dr. Ron Paul to me.

More importantly, Ted Cruz is the right messenger.  He has a strategy to win the White House, is in the top two in fundraising, and has a ground team with its sights set on winning the “SEC primary”.  Ted Cruz is running the best campaign among the Republican candidates.  Ted is a close second choice to Rand Paul among Liberty Republicans

Ted Cruz could unite the right in a way no other candidate has done since 1980.  While he’s not Ron Paul, Ron Paul’s son is no Ron Paul.  The man won’t ever be duplicated in my lifetime.

But Ted Cruz fights for the Constitution like no other politician has since Ron retired…and he could actually win the Presidency.  That’s exciting to me.


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  1. Cruz is solid on the issues but I’m concerned about his electability. The media will crucify him.

    Rand Paul doesn’t have the red meat for the base that Cruz does, but would have much more appeal to independents and Millennials in the general election.

    At this point I think Rubio is the only serious contender in the primaries who might beat Hillary, even if she’s under indictment.

  2. Actually take that back about the media crucifying him. Cruz is outstanding at taking on the media head-on.

    I do believe he comes off a little too strident/weird/Deep Texas/Tea Party to be electable in the general. And I say that as a strident, weird, Texas-loving Teabagger.

  3. Post
  4. After thinking about it for a while, I am throwing my full support behind and for Ted Cruz. He is a man that is principled. He will stand up for the Constitution. He impressed the heck out of me when he took on Mitch McConnell, calling a spade a spade, on the Senate floor. He will stand by this Country.

  5. Serious question because I honestly don’t know the answer: how is Ted Cruz, born in Canada, eligible to be President?

  6. Post

    That’s actually a good question, HQ. If I were General Counsel to the DNC, I would ask that question, the day after the RNC Convention, and demand it go to the highest court, as quickly as possible. I’d argue that this was “all about the process.”

    If I were General Counsel to the RNC, I’d be prepared to defend it today and I would argue that this was “all about politics.”

  7. Post

    Did you read that article, HQ? It says:

    “A Facebook meme indicates Ted Cruz has conveniently flip-flopped on whether the president must be U.S.-born.

    We found no evidence Cruz made the presented comments or that he’s changed his position about the “natural born citizen” provision. While he’s spoken occasionally about his own birth and citizenship, he appears not to have made declarations about Obama’s origins.

    This makes the Facebook post factually unsupported and ridiculous. Pants on Fire!”

  8. Brian,

    My bad. I was trying to get some work done in between Rostra checks. I am glad to hear that Senator Cruz is not a hypocrite on this issue. Now, if we could only say the same of some of his supporters…

  9. Post

    “Now, if we could only say the same of some of his supporters”

    Every candidate has hypocritical supporters: the anti-war Obama supporters who delightfully squealed when he invaded Libya, the Granny Hillary supporters who consider her a champion of “women’s rights” while she slut shames her husband’s paramours, and the Sanders supporters who criticize capitalism, on the bumpers of their 2015 Range Rovers..

    I”ll bet that even some Republican candidates have hypocritical supporters 😉

  10. “Every candidate has hypocritical supporters” Fair enough, but don’t you think Cruz’s and Obama’s circumstances of birth (except that Obama was actually born in the United State) and parentage are so identical as to make this brand of hypocrisy a little more grating?

  11. W.C.,

    Both Cruz and Obama had mothers who were American citizens and fathers who were not. Cruz was born outside the country and Obama was alleged by some to have been born outside the country.

    Please explain how that is “absolutely nothing in common.”

  12. Ted Cruz was born into a committed, loving family of hard-working business owners.

    Obama was born into a bigamist marriage of academics, and his father abandoned his family when Obama was a baby (which explains a lot).

    But if both being natural born citizens makes their circumstances “identical” to you, so be it.

  13. “If being natural born citizens makes their circumstances “identical” to you, so be it.”

    The nine comments previous to my assertion were about being a natural born citizen so of course that was what I was referring to. I will, however, give you credit for baring your prejudices for all to read.

  14. “When preachers get control of the Republican party, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. These people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise, but these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise.”
    Barry Goldwater

  15. If the Republican party wants to quiet Ted Cruz while keeping his base of supporters happy. Put him on the supreme court.

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