Why Immigration Is THE Issue

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I was challenged on Twitter two days ago by Benjamin Katz as to why immigration is my number one issue.  So I thought that a little recap is in order.

1. It’s about fairness and the rule of law.  The culture of this country is sliding towards conditions that foster dictatorship.  Specifically, how one is treated before the law depends on one’s circumstances.  Whether it is Hillary getting away with blatantly illegal activity on her server or Obama unlawfully granting amnesty to millions of illegals; were on a path where consequences for illegal activity is determined by a political elite ruled by a donor class.

2. The public wants the border enforced and the politicians won’t do it.  The failure to control illegal immigration is indisputable evidence that our system of government has become rigged against the interests of the people as a whole.  Unlike the courts ramming through gay marriage, which never won any popular votes; there is not even a fig leaf of constitutionality in this question.  The Congress has the power to set immigration policy and the President the duty to enforce it.

3. It is an assault on the standard of living and even the lives of the working class.  Kurt Schlichter said it best:

Amnesty was a great idea for bubble people who think illegal immigration satisfies some sort of libertarian ideal, or who only experience its impact by being able to hire a cheaper nanny. It’s a pretty great idea for the illegals too. But leave your nice neighborhood and go where a high school grad who was born here can’t get a job as a roofer since any general contractor who doesn’t hire illegals is going to go broke because his competition will. Tell somebody whose daughter is shot dead in front of him by an illegal who got arrested five times but never got deported that it’s an act of love.

. . .

Immigration and free trade are generally good, but they impose real costs and our base is getting handed the bill. These folks have been asking us for help, and what was our response? Shut up, stupid racists.

4. We have a right to expect assimilation of our culture and ideals. The current failure to enforce the border is leading to a ghettoization of Spanish speaking illegals who are not assimilating. We have lost the national will to demand assimilation of sub-cultures within our society as a prerequisite to group success.  Until this changes, we have the right to call for an end even to legal immigration if we so desire, in order to ensure that new immigrants share our dedication to freedom, limited government and rule of law.  Further, it is our right to restrict immigration to countries that cherish those values, so that we might preserve our own.

5.  Unlimited Immigration Does Not Benefit AMERICANS as a whole.  I keep having to say this.  We are demanding that the government of the United States operate in a manner that benefits all Americans, not just the few who benefit from illegal competition for wages.

You can view my long history of discussing this topic.  It is comprehensive.


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  1. America is getting darker. It’s not a bad thing. It’s not a good thing. It’s just an evolutionary thing that happens to a nation that prospers. The early Scotts, Irish and Germans feared Catholic immigrants from Ireland and Italy. We thrived with their additions. Now we are at a similar crossroads with different types of immigration. Building a wall to keep others out implies that those who are here are bad. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is the system that profits from addiction to methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin that a wall should stop. I wish Trump would focus on the destructive aspect of addictive narcotics as his desire to build the wall which Chris Christie so eloquently spoke about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdYMx7sycW4

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    Richard, I only wish that your assertion was true. The current immigration policy is one of de facto unlimited immigration, whose only impediment is the physical rigors of walking through the desert of Northern Mexico. However, to your point, we should enforce a moratorium on all immigration until the border is enforced and H-1B abuse is brought under control.

    It matters whom we allow to enter. Universalism belief in the equality of all people’s and all cultures is a recipe for cultural genocide of the west, and as a fan of our culture and freedom, I object to the genocide of my own people and way of life. We have an absolute right to preserve our traditions such as freedom, rule of law and even the celebration of Christmas by excluding immigrants from cultures that have a demonstrated incompatibility with our own. As far back as 1973 Jean Raspail wrote prophetically about the West’s inability to defend its own culture The Camp of the Saints. An excellent discussion at thefederalist.com contains this quote:

    To use a contemporary term, we might say that Raspail rejects multiculturalism—not as a preference, but as a possibility. In the long term, Europe can either prefer its own civilization and culture, and defend it, or capitulate to another. But it cannot, as the novel tells it, absorb masses of unassimilated members of another culture and expect to survive. It will be changed forever, and the change will be in the direction of the immigrants’ way of life, and away from that of the native-born. This is a difficult truth to accept in our egalitarian age.

    The native born in this country have built a nation of freedom from tyranny and of prosperity. I am unwilling to betray my posterity by inviting in more immigrants who don’t share our values.

  3. I like the reference to rule of law in this post but am not seeing the application of it.

    Doesn’t rule of law posit all men are equal before the law? If such is true wouldn’t we point the discussion away from the border and the further plundering of our labor for expensive walls? Reagan challenged socialists to tear down walls and I believe he was morally correct in doing so.

    Is this issue really that difficult?

    Inputs equal outputs. If we continually move scarce resources away from the private sector we slowly shut down the productive capacity of the economy.

    I think all this effort should be spent challenging the law maker who violated rule of law by encroaching on the productive capacity of the market.

    Immigration policy, see rule of law, isn’t even in the Constitution. Citizenship is but not immigration. Either I am a free man with the liberty to hire who I want or I am not. Do I still have the right to pursue happiness or did I sign that over to the state somewhere?

    “Thousands hacking at the branches to the one striking at the root.” – Thoreau

  4. Western Cultural suicide? Hispanics are Christian. In fact more Christian than Europe which used to be called Christendom.

    Not long ago WASP Americans feared the Irish Catholics. The WASP America died around the time of the civil war and America has still thrived.

    The question in immigration is actually do we want people for the economy or do we want people that want to be Americans.

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    No the issue isn’t difficult. If you want to hire Mexicans or Chinese, you are free to go to Mexico or China to do so. However, there is no right to undermine our culture by illegally enticing non-Americans to travel here for jobs. The prosperity of our country should rightfully be shared with the people of this nation. To depress their wages just because businesses can bring in foreign workers is unfair.

    This has nothing to do with religion. In times past I have agreed with you regarding Hispanics, but of late we have lost the ability to enforce assimilation or the Hispanics have lost the desire to do so. There is no reason for Spanish language television to remain popular unless Hispanic immigrants and their offspring are unwilling to adopt our language and culture. Further, Hispanics support larger government, in outsize numbers to other groups, undermining our founding principle of limited government. In Europe, Muslims are no longer assimilating either, and indeed are importing their brides from the Middle East ensuring that they continue to remain a separate society from their host society. Our sense of identity is undermined by groups who have no intention of becoming Americans.

  6. Did you say “the prosperity of this nation should rightfully be shared with the people of this nation”?

    Why not say it should stay in the county of San Diego or better just on our street?

    Did I read that right? When you use the term “rightfully” you are assuming we both agree on a standard by which we discern that which is ‘right from that which is ‘wrong’. Where might I find this ethic or moral law you refer to? Are you trolling me?

    My paycheck doesn’t belong to me? I don’t have the freedom to trade it with any individual I wish in my pursuit of happiness?

    Are you the same “B-Daddy” that used the term “rule of law” above?

    “You are free to go to Mexico or China to do so. However, there is no right to undermine our culture by illegally enticing non-Americans to travel here for jobs.”

    What economic school supports that type of thinking about incentives?

    Just how many white hoods do you have in your closet? How does $5 for a head of lettuce sound? How do the poor afford $5 lettuce? Just how did our culture become “your” culture? By what authority does your value negate mine?

    Does the proposition that all men were created equal mean anything to you?

    Your response was a real winner. Please don’t run away without sharing how you arrived at these ideas. Please show us the law about “undermining culture”. Where can we find it? You’re a Native American?

    If this is Brian Brady “trolling” me as “B-Daddy” my hat is off to you. Well done.

  7. Thanks for the more detailed response to my quick twitter question. To repost it:

    “Why? I was just thinking how I’d love to see a candidate willing to stand up for immigration as part of capitalism.”

    I was hoping you’d discuss the capitalism/competition piece more as I presume you, and everyone on this site, will agree that capitalism works. It is the world’s greatest economic success story.

    I can’t imagine that you’d suggest that we’d implement laws that prevented automation or required companies to keep unproductive workers.

    Yet, here, you’re saying “we are demanding that the government of the United States operate in a manner that benefits all Americans.” Capitalism doesn’t work that way. Some people lose.

    Reasonable people can discuss the appropriate levels of social safety nets, but protectionist blocking of competition only hurts our country as a whole.

  8. I want to point out to Mr. Daddy that his assertions about immigrant assimilation are not sound. My family lived in somewhat culturally isolated Portuguese communities from the late 1800s on. My great grandmother was born American, but spoke no english. Men routinely went to the “old country” to find a bride well into the 70s; my own childhood friends were products of such unions. My family was uneducated, poor and democrat well past mid-century. Now, I speak little Portuguese, am a Republican and am only poor if you count my grad school loans. You can’t say what subsequent generations will do by the actions of immigrants you describe.

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    Mr. Katz,
    You know better. You know that’s not how capitalism is working in this country, we have crony capitalism. The government is favoring particular business interests at the expense of average Americans, and you know it too, because I have seen you tweet in favor of higher minimum wages. Your support for a higher minimum wage wouldn’t be necessary if American wages weren’t under assault by crony capitalism and unfettered immigration. Why should foreign workers benefit from the infrastructure and rule of law paid for by American workers, and maybe lose their jobs to boot?
    BTW, my first name is Brian, but my last name isn’t Brady.

    Americans’ and immigrants’ attitudes towards assimilation have changed in the last two decades. The conditions of which you speak no longer exist and we are content for immigrants to remain isolated from greater society. It is certainly worse in Europe.

    You don’t like my line of argument so you accuse me of racism? F*** off loser.

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