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Can you imagine changing California?  I can.  I have served as a delegate on both the San Diego GOP Central Committee and the California Republican Party for several years because I believe our state is worth it.  We are at a critical and important time for our party.  While the challenge seems insurmountable, it is not, the solution is actually quite simple.  We need Republican leaders that are not only principled in our values but, at the same time, politically strategic in protecting the ground we have and proactive in winning back those areas we have lost.  But to do this, we have to start here at home in San Diego, neighborhood by neighborhood, community by community, and with people who are ready to work and are not willing to give in on a single race.

As an unapologetic social and fiscal conservative, I have been directly involved with advocating these policies at every level for over 25 years.  I recognize and appreciate the volunteer grassroots organizations and individuals we have in our community and I have proudly been fighting alongside them protecting the principles and values we as conservatives believe in.  I would very much appreciate the opportunity to continue this effort by ensuring our San Diego GOP Central Committee has this important voice.

If you live in the 71st Assembly District, you have probably seen my signs around town.  Most people don’t put out signs for Central Committee, but I did because I believe it’s that important.  I will be on your Republican ballot, #3 on the list, and I would very much appreciate your vote and support.  If you have any questions regarding my background or my positions, please do not hesitate to contact me at either mike@mikeharrison.com or 760-822-5492, I will do my best to answer any you may have.  Thanks.


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  1. Mike, Great post & you have my support. I would be honoured to serve on the 71st Republican Central Committee with you & we can make a difference. We both stand on the principles of our Moral’s, Value’s & Beliefs along with full Accountability and Transparency. Good luck Mike

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