Whitman Endorsed, Donated $4k to Boxer in ’03

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From my post at FlashReport…

In the continuing saga of what some might describe as “Which Republican candidate’s history can top the others in the surprising category,” Carla Marinucci at the SF Chronicle has the news that Meg Whitman both endorsed and contributed big bucks to Senator Barbara Boxer in 2003.

Absent from the Whitman spokesperson response in the article is any acknowledgement from the candidate she now considers the Boxer support a mistake.  So, does she stand by it?

I wonder what Bill Jones must think?


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  1. Now we see what she is really all about….. When are the Republicans going to wake up and start supporting “real” people and not BILLIONAIRES! Maybe we can be effective then,,,, but the party seems to put the $$$$ before the value of the candidate.
    We have lost alot of great candidates in the past because the party only supports those with big personal wealth who can buy elections. What happened to the “farm team” concept? When does the party ever support local electeds to move up instead of pushing them aside for the big money guys?

  2. FM:

    There have been several examples of “Farm Team” success here
    in San Diego county:

    Brian Bilbray was a Mayor and County Supervisor before becoming
    a US Congressman.

    Joel Anderson served on a water district board prior to joining the
    State Assembly. Shirley Horton was a Mayor before her fine 6
    years in the State Assembly. Jay La Suer was a longtime La Mesa
    council before going to the State Assembly.

  3. Out of how many total State/Fed positions? I don’t recall the party helping Jay La Suer – or Joel for that matter. They were too “right” for them… If the big money guy gets in, the party is right there – like Steve Francis, et.al.

  4. FM:

    I’ve given several examples of GOP state and Federal elected officials who came from the Republican “farm team”. But you dismiss them.

    So who exactly do you object to, among SD County’s many
    elected GOP members of Congress and state legislature?

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